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edit episode 2 kidnapping

narrator:last time on the young and the uncyclopedians everyone had a scrwed reunion party with commies and ourborist when the new edlon king argon showed up and his commander edlon captured keira will they rescue her find out TODAY!(plays theme song)

keira: let go of me LET GO!

adam: hey baron von dizberg its the edlon and there kidnapping keira!

dizberg: i baron von dizberg command you dont you dare move a muscle!

edlon commander: heh (drives away while keira is shouting)

dizberg:why he just ignored me!

ronalds:(pokes dizbergs head) spring times here!

dizberg:first it was august and then it was christmas now its spring (rips sleeve off of ronalds with him passing out) why does edlon how dare they ignore me I HERE BY DECLARE WAR ON EDLON

dizbergs servant: were gonna beat em all to the ground lets go!

dizberg: no ill fight them my self (he is suprised he falls over) because you never leave me alone you follow me everywhere even to the bath room i need some privacy!

dizbergs servant: privacy!? waaaaaaaaaaa (passes out)

(at the domed robot looking thingy)

edlons:lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz whats that noise....lulz

han:spell the word capitalism

edlons:DIZBERG!! LULZ!!!

engelsfair:capitalism c o m m u n i s m COMMUNISM!

han:WRONG YOU FREAKEN IDIOT! (knocks him out)

adam: super ourborism for you hey supealwahop want some curry after work

supwealahop:you BETCHA!

edlon:engelsfair your jealous because of all the communism we steal

engelsfair:(looks stunned) i made that communism(hits him) you dont deserve my communism(kicks him) GIMME GIMME GIMME I WANT IT BACK I WANT IT BACK WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

aquarii:now you need to hand over keira

edlon:you made a mistake coming here lulz

engelsfair:i got this (commie signs come out) COMMIE STRIKE POWER!!!

dizberg:nice job now lets get keira and get out of this place

'engelsfair does this mean were not gonna break for lunch

(they go in and credits roll)

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