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{{UnBooks|Can You Survive Year 12?}}
{{UnBooks|Can You Survive Year 12?}}
[[Image:SurviveY12.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Available in Australia, Singapore and around that. Currently only in hardcover format.]]
[[Image:SurviveY12.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Available in Australia, Singapore and around that. Currently only in hardcover format.]]

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The novel Gneomi/sandbox is also available in paperback.

Available in Australia, Singapore and around that. Currently only in hardcover format.

“Brave, courageous, simple, and easy to understand for nerds”
~ The Village People on Gneomi/sandbox
“I can be a nerd and a metalhead at the same time!! WooHoo!!”
~ Student on High School

Can You Survive Year 12? (the question mark is part of the title) is a book titled with a question whether you can survive year 12, or not. The first version of the book was released on November 11, 2006 by Professor Roger Hunt, with some help from his mates. Six comprehensive chapters are available there to guide you through challenges in year 12, including the first day challenge, summer camp, got beaten up by your mates, and graduation party. The book will also explain about the cultures in year 12, including the emos, goths, jocks, bitchs, oldies, punks and every other stuff.

edit Chapter One: Definition of under-popular

Under popular mostly referred as nerds, or geeks or abhorred, avoided, creepy, despised, detested, dippy, disesteemed, disfavored, disliked, drip, dumpy, execrated, goon, gross, loathed, loser, lousy, nerd, obnoxious, ostracized, out, pain, ratty, rejected, scorned, shunned, sleazeball, sleazy, stinky, turkey, unaccepted, unattractive, uncared for, undesirable, unloved, unvalued, unwanted, unwelcome, weird, wimpy, zombie (from my thesaurus). Although many people said it is a stereotypical designation, they really exist, as objects, not much different from other people. The only difference is, they have characteristics as mentioned before.

Actually, some researches in the early 16th century revealed nerds' behaviours, and signified what makes nerds nerds. The Village People, was the researchers, and published the Nerds - Internets Continuum. It has been known that only one out of five million people understands this theory, including me, of course.

  • When 24 divided by 6 is 4, they are nocturnals - This is the basic priciple, really. Eight out of nine suspected nerds stay awake between 11pm and 4am. It has been revealed that they are afraid of sunlight, pretty much like goths, because sun will generate oil in their face, thus generating craters. Another theory revealed that they play online games and watch anime when their parents are sleeping, so no one will know who is wasting the bandwidth.
  • There will be a time where people have more friends - It is absolutely true. Most of them have more than a hundred friends, some exceed thousands. There are many ways, actually, to gain power, but most of them prefer forum activities. This is an example of a conversation:
Nerd 1: h3ll0, howr u?
Nerd 2: dud3! I jez g0t b4ck frm f1tn35s centr3!
Nerd 1: cowl!! I juz m3t th3 m0st beat1fl grl at scool!
Nerd 3: m3 2, I just disc0v3red the MC squared th30ry!
Cool Guy: Hey n00bs! This is a metal forum, go away!
Nerd 1: u nub!!! FCUK U MNA!! IM OFF!!
  • 1337 4-3V4H!! Based on the conversation above, we can observe their behaviour, that they are and will always use the "shortcuts", even for forum conversations. This is because, most nerds are really fat, or really thin. Fat nerds cannot stand typing very long, because they get tired very fast, while the thinner nerds do not have enough energy to type. Some theory said it is because of fast food and excessive online gaming, and anime.

edit Chapter Two: Redefinition of over-popular

edit Chapter Three: Balancing the whole thing

edit Chapter Four: Survival Kit

edit Googles

edit Chapter Five: When everything else fails

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