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Master of Puppets
Album by Metallickit
Release Date June 10, 1884
Recorded April 1 - 2 1884
Genre Metal
Length 62:23
Record label Vatican City Records
Producers Mahatma Gandhi
Professional reviews
Paris Hilton review 5.3/5 - "Wow, graveyard, hot.."
Mike Portnoy review 5/5 - "Fucking awesome, fucking metal."
Cher review 2/5 - "Do you believe in life after puppets?"
Metallickit albums
Ride the Thunderstorm
Master of Puppets
Me In a Garage
“Definitely the best album of all time.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi on Master of Puppets
“Master!! Master!! I did it again..”
~ Britney Spears on Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets is the fifth album released by a Scottish folk band, Metallickit in 1884. Quite contrary with the current musical style in the period, Metallickit did not present popemo music style, which generally consist of 16-20 minutes of songs. The personnel of the band, James Hatefield, Mars (Richie) Rich, Dick Hammet, Cliff Furrton were very happy about the album, since it was included on the 10 million best albums of all time.

On this album, Mars Rich showed off his ultimate puppetting skills, by playing with 14 puppets at the same time, and often used Wikipedia (sock puppetting). The album cover is also referred as the best album cover for album released in June.

edit History

“I was walking down the road, then I thought, "Master of Puppets". Then that's pretty much about it.”
~ Lars Ulrich on Master of Puppets

Spring 1880, the sun is high, average temperature, about 20 - 30 celcius, the birds are flying, kids are playing, teenagers are editing some random uncyclopedia. Then this guy came, he is James Hatefield. After about 5 kilometres of walking, he realised Master of Puppets is a cool name, with millions of meanings.

The album was also a tribute to Cliff Furrton, who died quite mysteriously during the tour, which named "Damaged Burton".

edit Influences

Ugggg small

With Lindsay at the back (you can't see her).

During the press conference, Dick Hammett confessed about the main influences of the album, which was inarguably based on their own life experiences. "We know we wanted to be musicians, we know the thing should not be the thing we were thinking about", said Hammett to the press. The album also has a very deep influence from "I Am Not Me" by The Village People, which was released in 1881. Other notable influences including Pope John Paul II, Albus Dumbledore and Lindsay Lohan. For the latter, observe the song "Disposable Underwear" on 3:15.

Hatefield later also explained that Pope John Paul II was a real influence to the solo of Pastor of Puppets, notably the D signature significance. As for Albus Dumbledore, he had given all the materials needed to complete the album, such as sitars, baby diapers, chips and deodorant. Dumbledore also helped the band by asking Lindsay to cheer them up.

The cover art was heavily influenced by a graveyard. Notice the picture on the cover art.

edit Mail leak

On June 4, 1884, just four days before the album hits stores, fans are receiving around three to four songs from an unknown source. The songs, which probably were the first four songs, were left on the bird cage without any security guards, making them easy to be delivered. The members of Metallickit, who in fact didn't know anything about pigeon couldn't do anything about it and consider the leakage as "gifts".

The method used in delivering songs with pigeons is still unknown until this moment.

edit Track listing

  1. "Battery" (Hatefield, Rich) – 5:12
  2. "Pastor of Puppets" (Furrton, Hammett, Hatefield, Rich) – 8:36
  3. "I Think This Thing Should Not Think To Be The Thing" (Hammett, Hatefield, Rich) – 6:37
  4. "Hello, Long Time No See (Aquarium)" (Hammett, Hatefield, Rich) – 6:27
  5. "Disposable Underwear" (Hammett, Hatefield, Rich) – 8:16
  6. "Hallelujah" (Hatefield, Rich) – 5:40
  7. "Oreo" (Furrton, Hatefield, Rich) – 8:28
  8. "The Factory Of Destruction" (Furrton, Hammett, Hatefield, Rich) – 5:29

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