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The talent agent sat, his mouth agape. His assistant beside him only just uncovered his eyes, horrified.

The agent finally spoke. "I've seen some fucked up shit, Brian. But this..."

"Well, what should we do?"

"What is this act called?"

"Excuse me, sir?"

"I says, what do they call the act?"

"What are they called? Sir, there are mutilated corpses on your floor. There is shit, piss, blood and cum literally everywhere. A kid's severed penis is stuck on your ceiling by his father's cum. This poor six-year old girl needs medical attention, or did you not see her father force her to drink the blood and shit and cum cocktail? Or don't you see the horrific issue of blood streaming from her crotch? There's a god damn woman split in two vertically for shit's sake! And to top it all off, the dog is still fucking the man's mutilated eye socket. And all you care about is the name of the act?"

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