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edit Articles Completed (well, relatively)

Pee Review
Pee Review

edit Works in Progress

edit Current

  • User:Gladstone/cricket - Decided it needed a complete rewrite with a new idea, so now it's a Shakespearian tragedy. Quite apt I think...

edit On hold

  • User:Gladstone/Leeds - The current one is bobbins, so I'm planning to rewrite it with a bit more insight into what Leeds is, rather than puerile bollocks as in there currently.
  • User:Gladstone/Yorkshire - See Leeds!
  • Cricket - Well, I've edited bits anyway. There's so much about it that could be funny, but it's just not. See above.
  • HowTo:Get a Life - By Auk, I've added substantially to it.

edit Pee Reviews

  • Releasimification - Think I was over generous on this - it's certainly not got any better (as at end June 08) since! Only a short review.
Hereis the version I reviewed.
And here is a more in-depth review of a subsequent version.
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