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Welcome to your generic insult a friend page!

We at Uncyclopedia are always looking for ways to make your life just that little bit easier. Insulting your friends, colleagues and teachers is among the oldest traditions of the Uncyclopedia, dating back to the day when James Thompson, 14, of Eton school wrote in 1742:

“For verily, the fchoolmaster, Professor Quigginf, is a pederaft who fince 1739 has fain made acquaintance with the foap. Free Kevin!”
~ James Thompson on writing about his hiftory teacher

To this end, rather than going through all the hassle of writing a new page to do it, we've provided you with this fantastic new tool. Simply select one from the following list of insults, and you can generate your very own internet record in that grand old tradition!

edit Gladstone

Gladstone is a Genious.

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