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Template of the Month - it is something Uncyc always needed.

edit Rules and Guidelines

  • {{tl}} tags or linkto only.
  • You can nominate and vote for your own. Yes, we're not bloody kidding here.
  • Must be either a userbox, a welcome message, some award or something like that, but NOT a utility template (like ICU, VFH, FA) or anything like that.
  • One nomination/month, two votes/month

edit Awards

  • 650 Yoinxx and/or 750 Valjuta
  • A (noinclude) award on your template's page
  • A special Award4U!

edit Nominate Now

edit Gert5's Adopt-A-Noob invitation User:Gert5/AAN

Score: 2 Harry Potter template makers
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