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Press Red now to {{{1}}} or keep reading to learn about Uncyclopedia Controller 3000 and your abilities, if you are a superhero.


The Uncyclopedia Controller 3000 is a famous work of art by DaVinci. If you are a dog you may need some glasses. It gives the power of control in Uncyclopedia. You may use this control for good only. It does'nt listen to bad.


The buttons are easy. The controller contains only 5 buttons. The big red one is for making Actions Anonymous and the rest are cursor keys. You may also use them to curse somebody.

Usable as...

You may use the Controller if your mouse is broken. Mine sure is. It can also be used as a TV remote, but that would be hard, to use the Controller to control the Remote to remote the TV to remote your eyes O_o.

The big version

The big version includes 20 buttons :filters, type-a-filter keyboard (Y,O,U,R,M,O,M, A, SEE DICK), search filter set, Filter images, Filter colors, Filter big text, Filter small text, Filter facts, Filter green, Filter wikipedia, Filter noob-edits and Filter Users-only and no cursor or big key!


The big version includes filters, which may filter UC stuff, like Your mom, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, See Dick do stuff and who can forget "Pink"

Where to buy

You may buy this crazy thang at Morty's! The free family shop (buy-a-family service, rates UCC1K as family member... He is soo right.

Hell of a long template

How long has this thang been goin' on? This's one big thang. Bigger than life and everything in it!

It's gonna take...

It's gonna take a hell of a write to max this template! I think I already see the See Alsoes. Yep... Ain't nothing gonna beat this template! But hell, your mom's writing did. She is a hell of a writer. Whoopi!


This text is yet smaller then the template, but even more sized than the code. Heh! The code is tiny like your Smiddledworpenthang, whatever that is.

Different uses

The UCC3K can be an acronym for U see Chiro as a Triplet or Kid

Small scroll for an awesome template

You can scroll down quick, but can you read that quick too? Try it.

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