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The Ming Dynasty Parchment of Strength was a letter to the Chongzhen emperor of the Chinese Ming dynasty. It is written in Traditional Chinese and is as follows:

Cquote1 所以,你認為你很漂亮聰明的中國人所有?這裡是新聞。你是不是。甚至沒有一個長期的拍攝。至於這一切閱讀和一切,你應該停止現在的,因為它惱人的我。最肯定。但我很高興,因為你是讀。這是好牙齒。是的,我猜想我得到一點從現場抬出。您的方塊的服務為您的計算機已成功取代的陰莖。這麼久,吸孔!如果沒有,你是一個用戶的搜索模塊。 Cquote2

edit History

Created by an American, Ron Salem, and translated by the Gogo (谷歌) translator mechanism built in to the 兩洞看 machine invented by the 蘋果 elders in 1591, the text of the parchment was written partly in 1641, and 42. The letter was not sent to the Chongzen emperor until Salem had collected his courage and sent it in 1653, at age 41. The parchment, although not featuring offensive or profane material, led to Salem's execution an hour later after the letter was sent. In order to show the nation the "satanic" parchment written by Salem, the letter was placed on the message desk in 1659.

It was recovered by historian mythologists in 1921 and was noted as one of the most important letters in the history of the Ming dynasty, and in fact all of China. It is notable for trying to reason with the harsh Chongzhen emperor, to give a bit of his land over to Salem's family, which was killed, then raped by a raid in 1658, echoing to the letter sent by Ron. The entire Salem family was killed.

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