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 Beach #%&@! Score: 0 Moves: 3

> jump in-wa'


New Zork III:A long day

Thineself art liveth thruocth oneth longth dayeth! One day for this junk? How'gchath maneth so meth yan unth death? Yep. You worked hard on getting that grue, but now it has payed off. The second sequel of the beloved comedy game made in 2006.

From the creators of New Zork and New Zork II:The remote, comes a true love story of pain, love and life that lives. The most realistic parody text adventure game of the year! Awarded by Gert5's Lenghteth game and Jupüpüpi.

You jump in the wa'
> look

You can drink the water.

> open menu

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