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 Poop Score: wOOt!!!!!1 Moves: w00T????2


wOOt! You try to attack the grue, but you turn all wobbly and green and jell-O-Matic. Mayflower is angry and you must excuse to him. He still gives you some cash for thanksgiving and you use it to buy pr0n and candy. Later mayflower gets angry and sends the grue to kill and destroy you. "Wo0t the heck was that?" you say and pop a nerve and your vena meter turns to 1 000 000. You say: "wOOt, this is crazy" and fall together. Suddenly you start melting and blow up. A godess comes down to Earth and stomps on you. It's Voopi Goalbird, the godess of fat.

>w00t! That was a heck of a speech, but you die, because 20th September is w00tday for Gert5<
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