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 New Zork The Book Score: 0 Moves: 1

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After getting to whatever goal you had to get to in Zork 3, you still return for more. You go underground, but suddenly fall. You can't keep hold. You are in a maze, which is what you see when you wake up. But many hours before that, the King of town (KOT in Homestrish) told about a mission to bring back their town grue, who threatens them, so once at last the town could not be under danger. Whoever returns with the grue, gets 1 000 gold coins. All of the town's people wen't to get lucky charms.

Instead of gathering lucky charms from anywhere and getting historical items from your family to power you up, you instead go to see an old witch, who happens to have magical powers. The witch's potion is made of a magical serum containing a mysterious old codebloon. It is like a dubloon, though it has a piece of code on it. You accept the codebloon and then go to your mission. You are the first who wen't to this mission, for others are still gathering charms and items.

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