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1 User 1 Article
Yet another one of those crappy projecty thingies by Gert5, when will that
dumb dumby head stop?

Anyhumbux, Uncyclopedia is projecting to grow:

1U1A 2008

Post-June is our affect, the 1U1A.

The 1U1A or 1 User 1 Article program is a little project to make more
articles in Uncyclopedia. There are around 84,600 users in Uncyclopedia,
and there are only 23,300 articles.

This means that alot of people haven't been working, and alot of people
who do work contribute alot more than just one article, therefore, the
number of idiotic lazy morons people who don't contribute articles
to Uncyclopedia is larger than many have thought.
You mean, just one article, and I get awards???

Yes, we do. And not just a userbox (see below) but just as well:
-500 Yoinxx
-750 Valjuta
-Addition to our category (If we get one)
You can only contribute 1 article for the contest and no double-awards!
These awards are handed to you [DO NOT GET THESE AWARDS YOURSELF!!!!!!!]
1. Only articles started AFTER 1U1A was created are eligible for submitting.
2. One article only.
3. Add yourself and the article to the table below. No discussing about it
or anything.
4. Just leave your article here, move away slowly, get out and nobody gets hurt.
1U1A is a project in which you must:
1. Sign up to 1U1A
2. Contribute an article to Uncyclopedia
3. Whore to us about you contributing an article to Uncyclopedia.
4. After succeeding, add {{1U1A}} to the article
5. Later on, add the 1U1A userbox: {{User 1U1A}}, to your userboxes.

That is all.
Sign up:

People of Uncyclopedia, lactate your noobs!

User Article contributed
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
Name here Article here
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