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edit Week of 8/13

Why are shrimp so expensive? I feel like I could rent a boat and get a net and catch about a thousand of the suckers in an hour. Doesn't seem so hard, does it? Now something like...a cougar. There's a delicacy. I would totally understand if cougar meat was like $250 a pound. You need one of those guys with a huge white moustache and a comically large rifle to take one of those down. But shrimp...what a bunch of pussies.

edit Week of 8/20

Whose cruel idea was it for the word 'lisp' to have an 's' in it? (signpost)

edit Week of 9/10

why do people have allergies to pointless things? allergies should be useful. like if you were allergic to tigers, or sharks. you'd be walking through the jungle, and you'd get a rash on your arm, and you'd be like 'oh man, there must be a tiger nearby'. or if you were swimming in the ocean, and you broke out in hives, you'd be like 'shoot, there must be a tiger nearby'.

edit Week of 9/24

dippin' dotsTM have been the ice cream of the future for like ten years. shouldn't they be the ice cream of the present by now?

edit Week of 11/19

if einstein was so smart, how come he's dead? (signpost)

edit Week of 12/9

it seems like pinky was always messing up brain's schemes to take over the world. why didn't brain just kill him?

edit Week of 7/14

why the hell is he called 'silent bob' anyway?

edit Week of 9/29

why do people always rush to get into an elevator first? if you're in a rush, wouldn't it make more sense to get in last, so you could get out first?

That would be a case of exercising the same common sense that prevents people from stopping to have conversations in door-ways and on flights of stairs. They continue to do that in the future, even in Star Trek, so there's no hope! --Concernedresident 11:48, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
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