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okay, time to judge to prestigious PLS.

edit User:DrStrange/Why?:Be a transvestite if you're not going to put any effort into it?

well, the humor/disturbing ratio wasn't unbearable, but i still didn't get as many chuckles or smiles as i would have liked. i enjoyed the beginning, and i appreciate the serious tone, but the main part of the article still seemed a little to shock-ish for me. still, i did enjoy it, and it's well-written.

edit User:GlobalTourniquet/HowTo:Write Serj Tankian Lyrics

i liekd this. by the title i expected to have it unfortunately sail over my head, but i do know of system of a down, and have thus heard serj tankian lyrics. i appreciate the approach and tone: much better to write a guide for those asprining to his 'greatness' than fill his article with 'omg his lyrics sux and are ghey'. so points for coherent parody. no absolute laugh-out-loud parts, and the picture captions weren't entirely consistent with the tone of the article, and some of the formatting seems a little weird. yet i did rather like it as a whole.

edit User:A.Z?123/HowTo:Become A Politician

hmm, not finished. the existing content is promising though.

edit User:Monika/UnNews:Obama unveils education reform plans

well then, this is not a typical unnews. i've disagreed with monika about namespaces before, but this is, in fact, an unnews in my opinion. it is also satire of the highest caliber. the use of links and the overall use of 'teh funny' make me giggle. the most important point: i can tell monika put a ton of time into this article (like, a ton) so it really does deserve a win.

edit User:Modusoperandi/UnMovie Review: Watchmen (with special guests, the Watchmen)

well that was fun to read. i'm glad i got most of it without having seen the film, as i've barely had time for uncyc since the pls started, much less 'time for homework for uncyc.' i enjoyed this very much, and giggled a few times to boot.

edit final rankings

  1. monika
  2. modus
  3. gt
  4. drs
  5. az
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