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The Queens Of the Stone Age was a band formed by two stone age housewives, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble, as an act to prove to their thick-skulled, cavemen husbands that they were hardcore and could rock just as hard as any caveman. Bamm-Bamm, Samantha from Bewitched and Dino completed the Band.

Wilma betty girlhop trans

Before the band was formed, the Housewives in an act of desperation, were cocktail waitresses!

edit The Forming of the Band

The Band was formed as an idea by prehistoric housewife Wilma Flintstone, (Guitar & Vocals) who was tired of being pushed around by her idiot of a caveman husband, Fred Flintstone (who also played Guitar in his band). She forwarded her idea to her best friend Betty Rubble (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals), who took extreme interest straight from the start due to the fact of her equally abusive husband.

After a few sessions together, the pair realized they would never become a hard-rocking stone-age band if they didn't have more band members. The then decided to place posters all over their hometown Bedrock. They put them all around the city, especially in the places the two wives were sure that their husbands would see them. However after weeks and weeks of no phone calls, the band seemed like it would never form, and so for many weeks the band was put on official hiatus.

The Housewives then went back to what they were good at; Scrubbing and Cleaning, and so on one scorching hot Saturday afternoon, Betty and Wilma decided to tidy each others houses and on the weekend in which they were cleaning Wilma's House they heard a loud, raucous, clattering noise coming from the Rubble's stone age home. As they ran to investigate they opened the door to find Betty and Barney's Son Bamm Bamm hitting and bashing on some pots, which had fallen from a cupboard. They had found the Percussion for their band.

Although the band seemed complete the band members thought that it could do with some more electro, to prove to Fred and Barney they could rock all styles of music, so they enlisted the help of Dino (the Dinosaur) who at the time was Wilma's pet, who luckily had a grade seven in jazz and rock keyboard. The band from then on seemed un-stoppable playing gigs all over and shooting episodes for their part-time show, The Flintstones at the same time, which although wasn't as popular as the band itself, seemed quite a good hit with the viewers.

After a few months of playing gigs for the people of Bedrock, Betty and Wilma did a Flintstones special with Samantha and Darrin Stephens from Bewitched, and Samantha offered her talents as a rhythmic guitarist, and so the band Had its Complete line-up, and for many year the Queens of the Stone age were a modern popular band, who scored great success with an audience of young and old. Dave Grohl is not a Flinstone or a caveman for that matter despite his obsession with sticks.

Wilma Flinstone was notorious for her angry, feminist, c-bomb riddled rants at members of the audience who threw dinosaurs at her. She once disembowled a stegosaurus on stage.

edit Albums

Beans of the Poor Wage (Wait, That's Not Our Band Name, Is It?)

  1. Unnatural Toilet
  2. avonrepus
  3. When Together
  4. Runnin' on the Road Waiting for the Bus to Kill Me
  5. You Wouldn't Remember, Because You Lost Your Memory, Would You?
  6. How to Penetrate the Vagina in 5 Easy Steps
  7. United States of Pepsi
  8. Colombian Impersonation
  9. Leave Me Anytime You Want
  10. Give the Asshole What He Asks For or He Will Kill You
  11. I Would've Been on America's Next Top Model, but Tyra Banks Ate Me

Rated PG-13

  1. The Most Hated Piece of Crap in This Entire Year
  2. The Found Masterpiece of Ratting People Out (We're Looking at You, Bush)
  3. Piece of Chicken
  4. We're About to Crash Thanks to the Idiot Who Went to Manual
  5. Where's My Chemical Romance?
  6. Pedophiles Under My Umbrella (Ella...Ella...)
  7. Slow and With the Useless
  8. Out of the Light (The Vampire Song)
  9. Lightheaded Foot
  10. Thunder Sound
  11. I Think I Grew a Tumor

Flash Cards for the Blind

  1. I Think I Ain't Worth a Penny, But You Think I'm Worthless (You're Right)
  2. No One Cares
  3. Fourteenth it Take-ish
  4. Ballads for Zombies
  5. Chicken Little's Phrase
  6. One Timer
  7. Dying Coniferous, or Deciduous or Whatever the Hell the Type of Plant It Is
  8. Stop When She Blows
  9. Wanna Dump You
  10. Give Me a Boner One More Time
  11. Satan is on the TV
  12. Not Another Breakup Song by Another Emo Band
  13. Long for Jeff
  14. Malaria Symphony (Yay, We're Disease-Infected!)

Gonna Cry to Bleed Your Eyes

  1. Some Random Song
  2. Prescription
  3. We Know that You Belong in the Asylum (Why Aren't You There?)
  4. Mixed Up and Out of Fashion
  5. Put the Woman on the Wood
  6. Bad Memory You Can't Get Rid of, and I Don't Know Why
  7. Big Mama
  8. I Was Stood Up
  9. Is Someone in That Awful Squirrel Costume
  10. My Intestine Means Sex
  11. Fin Against Fin
  12. MY TIME CAPSULE IS BROKEN!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You Fail at Life, Let Alone Acting
  14. Short Quick Goodbye Forever, Fucker

Day of the Bulgy Air Miss

  1. Volumizing the Anal Sex
  2. Lick, Lick, Lick
  3. You're Architect
  4. Out of the Penis' Hole
  5. Organized Revenge or Something Like That
  6. Running Your Car (and You)
  7. Hve No Lve Wich Hu
  8. 6's and 9's
  9. Butter Up Your Utter
  10. Creek in the Sidewalk
  11. Die, Shithead, Die
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