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A mystery Pennsylvanian with an appetite for General Tso's Chicken.

I do a few arty farty picture type things, so if you want me to do something drop me a message.

edit Works


Urban Kayaking


Mustaches of Legend #9 made in Blender


Alec Baldwin, one of the Baldwin Brothers, made visible in a bubble chamber


The Rhombicuboctahedron building

edit The tools I use for making pictures

edit Articles I started or heavily contributed to


Wayans Brothers

Baldwin Brothers

In Living Color



Pope John Paul 2.0

Mega Drive

Hot Pockets

Robert's Rules of Order: The Movie

New Somalia


P. Danforth Some

edit Latest Illustrations

Shown to the right

edit Articles I Induced

What does this mean? It means all I did was create lots of red links to the same article until someone wrote it. Generally I try not to do much editing to induced articles apart from adding information consistent with other articles.

F. Murray Abraham

Wayans-Baldwin Reactor *current induction project*

edit Other Illustrations

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