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Poopie is the slang name for the Super Hootie Ingestion Toy. Poopie is usually found in the magical land of Toilet. There are 9 kinds of Poopie:

  • Plain Poopie-Good old one, brown and solid.
  • Green Poopie-Don't be nervous! Poopie with an emerald coating.
  • Big Poopie-those ones that look like foot-long coneys.
  • Sideways Poopie-Those kinds that hurt so bad, it must have come out sideways.
  • Ghost Poopie-You swore you heard it plop, but there is nothing there!
  • Poopie Water-What happens when you eat too many of those delicious little brown squares. You think you are peeing, but then you look down.
  • Farpie-This one is usually found in undies. Also known as a Juicy Fart
  • Exploding Poopie-Very similar to the above type, except found in a toilet.
  • False Alarm-You have to go really bad, so you sit on it, and BOOM!. You wipe, look down, and... Nothing. You only farted.
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