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This page is dedicated to cleaning up the mess caused by ten gazillion stub templates. In reality, we only need several templates to create custom stubs.

There are three types of stubs you should use on Uncyclopedia:

edit Standard stub

An average, run-of-the-mill stub appropriate for pretty much everything.


results in a random stub notice:

Bloink1 solid
This article needs to be expanded.
This article is a stub. The article submitter may also have been snorting crack. You can help Uncyclopedia by expanding it.

edit Related stub

The related stub template is useful for creating "related" stubs. It can also be used in conjunction with an image.

An additional feature of this type of stub is that it automatically adds the article to the category specified in the "related" section.

edit Without image

{{relatedstub|example|learning from it}}

results in:

edit With image

{{relatedimagestub|Uncyclopedia|using it to make nifty images|Nuvola apps important.svg|50px}}

results in:

edit Custom stub

The custom stub is the most powerful template. You can customize the entire contents of the stub notice.

{{customstub|This article has a completely custom '''[[stub]]''' notice. It would be [[wise]] to edit this page.}}

results in:

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