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Hotdog big

This Hotdog looks pretty hamburgular

“Smurfs are Hamburgular.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hamburgular

Hamburgular is typically a derogatory or plusatory term for anything. It was fiendishly concocted by two film producing students during the long hours in the video editing chair.

edit History


This Is a Hamburgular thing to happen

The term Hamburgular was created by two video editors (AKA Pseudo-geeks) in response to the over usage of of the word Grandpa to describe what normal adjectives could not describe. In under 5 seconds after realizing the word Grandpa was over used, the word Hamburgular came from no where and was the new buzz word of the hour. Because of the words uniqueness, people of many demographics began the word to describe things that were previously indescribable. Many Linguists who believed that English should be abolished because of it's shortcomings to describe indescribable things, quickly changed there minds upon hearing the new word. The English community now believes that the english language in now complete and no longer need new words added to it.

edit Usage


This is a Hamburgular Logo


Now this is completely hamburgular.

The usage for the term hamburgular is wide and infinitely varies. Hamburgular is an all purpose adjective. The word can be used to describe something good, bad, or moderate, but basically comes down to describing something that all other adjectives can not. The word can be used to replace certain four letter words in situations with high stress levels, like if a car hits you, if you say Hamburgular then people will think your crazy (rather than a jerk if you say something else) and probably pity you more making them more inclined to help you. Also if you are for example given an academy award and you walk up on stage and then your speechless, you can say hamburgular and instead of people laughing at you, they will laugh with you.

edit Examples

  • Final Cut Pro is so much more Hambugular, than iMovie.
  • That transition is so Hamburgular
  • The force is with you, but your not hamburgular yet!
  • You hamburgular sack of twos duce bag! How could you do that to your dads jeep?
  • Live Hamburgular and Prosper
  • I got my hamburgular degree in Pseudology at the University of Education

edit Hamburgulars future

You can rest assured that Hamburgular: The Movie will be coming to a theatre near you. The hype over the word is spreading across the globe. The American Chemical society is considering naming the hundred and fourteenth element Hamburgulum. The word will be included in the next Websters American Standard Dictionary,

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