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World War 3 is a new virtual-reality game, where you REALLY go into the real World War 3 in the future and fight and beat the crap out of Russia, China, etc.World War III has nothing much to be talked about. It is just that Stalin, Hitler, Obama, Mitty R Money, and Osama barrel Laden had a snowball fight with Barney, Elmo, Big Bird on Sesame Street and suddenly that weird guy in Inception went into their dreams and killed them all, then Iron Man, Batman, Spider Man, etc, had came and finished that inception guy. Then Hippie Zeus and his bunch came to finish the heroes off, then Poopy " I LUV to jack off " Jackson came to finish the Geek gods off, then the Giants and Gaea woke and killed the demigods, then comes the Titans to finish the giants off, then Urinus (a.k.a. The god of pee) came and used pee-in-your-mouth attack and told them to shut up. Then Chaos sealed all of them back into eternal darkness, where they started another snowball fight known as WW4, where you can put rock, poop, penis, boobs, hydrogen bombs, atomic bombs, melons, bombs, etc., into your own snowball, you have one snowball per lifetime, then you die and reincarnate into a different person and get another freaking snowball, and when you hit 100 person with one freaking snowball in three times in a row, in the fourth rebirth you can choose another rebirth or go to the isle of blest. editThe Game Rule

You just throw snowballs in different styles with different weapons contained inside them. You will reach the Isles of Blest when you beat 100 person with one snowball three lifetimes in a row, but of course this is WW4, or post-war. For WW3, you just do the same as WW4, but one difference: you only have one lifetime or you fail the entire game. Of course, you can choose different characters, alive or dead like Justin Dickster, Osama Wild, Barracks Obama, Mitt "Romney R Money", etc. editThe After Game

The post-game actually had one thing that was pretty wild: you got to live a social life like in real life. You can have sex with Kronos, beat the crap out of JB, etc., etc. If you beat the main story, you can actually live in the game and be stuck in there. So we kindly suggest that you never try to beat the main story. editWalkthrough

Well,you can either walk through this game and do nothing like the title suggests, or go suicide, or bravely fight. Your choice.

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