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This guy is the creator of the Inciclopedia.

“Oh, please, let me to register. I'm so sorry for create the Wikipedia.”
~ Tio1.jpg on Inciclopedia
“This encyclopedia... If... The truth is that not much read it, I saw that it was aspañola, and we know that Aspaña is nothing compared to my beloved Tanzania... Ah yes, Condoleeza, you are right, we live in the United States, I do not know how I have been able to pass. Fuck, yes, I don't let to forget again.”
~ George Bush on Inciclopedia
“This is the only place where it demonstrates the great importance that I deserve.”
~ Miguel de Cervantes on Inciclopedia

“And me? What will happen with me?”
~ Oscar Wilde on the quotes at Inciclopedia

The Inciclopedia is the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit (yes, even idiots like you, or like me). After a long struggle, the Movement for the Independence of spain-speakers, (allegedly headed by Miguel de Cervantes) defeated the tyrannical Uncyclopedia and his geek and british humour. A February 20, 2006, a glorious day, the independence of the Inciclopedia was unappealable. To these efforts joined the Descenciclopedia, Nakopedia and Frikipedia (which in those times sought refuge after the slaughter perpetrated by the SGAE). The Inciclopedia became a foolproof instrument of struggle and activism against the forces of evil, using the truth and accuracy of information as his major weapons. But you must not think that everything is achieved. There are still many tasks to carry out. There are still many tasks to carry out. Anyone with ideas of how we can improve the site, please let us know with guns. One of the great advantages but also great difficulty of this wiki is that, unlike the Frikipedia (aimed primarily at an audience Spanish) and Nakopedia (aimed at an audience Mexican), Inciclopedia is addresses to all of the spanish-speaking world.

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