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Games5522 the Great!

Games5522 is the latest in a long line of killbots, such as Games5521 and Games5520.

Games5522 is armed with the latest in weapon technology, which includes a water pistol and a chicken. Fear the awesome power of Games5522, striving to protect Uncyclopedia from teh eevil wikipedia2255!


Games5522, protecting you from the eevil wikipedia!


The first robot in the "Games" series of killbots was the humble Games1. This killbot was little more than a cardboard box with a hammer attached. It was powered by potatoes and ran on M$-POS.

Surprisingly, Games1 sold over 20,000,000 units in it's first year alone!

Let's skip forward a few thousand versions.

Now Games4411 was a very special edition. It was still a cardboard box with a hammer, but it also had PEPPERONI! That's right, PEPPERONI! And anchovies! And cheese! Bacon! In fact, Games4411 was the first edition that was edible! it managed to sell over 90 billion units because people accidently ate it and had to buy it again.

Facts About Games5522

Games5522 enjoys eating pizza, chips, chocolate and chickens. Games5522's taste for chickens makes it very dangerous for the chicken that Games5522 owns. Games5522 may accidently eat it in his sleep, and thus, only brave or stupid chickens apply for the job of being Games5522's weapon.

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