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Madden 1964 featured the following teams

Boston Patriots OVERALL 76 New York Jets OVERALL 77 Houston Oilers OVERALL 94 Oakland Raiders OVERALL 82 Kansas City Chiefs OVERALL 97 Buffalo Bills OVERALL 89 San Diego Chargers OVERALL 85 Denver Broncos OVERALL 62

edit Madden 1964


Madden 1964

Madden 1964 FUCKING SUUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Madden 1964 came out when The Beatles relaesed their album A Hard Day's Night. Madden 64 had many features you could create a player have a season play manager or view the game as one person. The game had over 95,000 copies sold in 1965 and in Scotland the people in skirts just said FUCK OFF BITCHS!! and carried their sacks of goats behind their back.The game was released for Shitstation 2 Bitchass Box 11 and the Pii. It was sold alot at the store "Video Games for Pussy Ass Niggers".Many black people bought it as they went to other stores like FuckoffStop instead of "Video Games for Pussy Ass Niggers". The game is known to be a legend today as people are still trying to spill the beans from Ringo Starr about when he played the game.


edit The Beatles Scandal

The Beatles and yes thats right John Paul George and Ringo were caught playing the game. The scandal started in 1964 on November 5th. John Lennon and Ringo Starr were looking for games at the store Video Games for Pussy Ass Niggers. Now of course the Beatles were'nt Pussy Ass Niggers but it was cheaper there. John Lennon And Ringo Starr Bout Madden 64 With A Shitstation 2 with 4 DUALSHIT 1 Controllers. When George started to play he could not stop. He was addicted and so were John Paul And Ringo. They were not that good at the game so they took drugs to make it seem like they were. The Beatles were caught ditching a concert on Janurary 23rd 1966 just to play their game. Paul had won that game. again they were caught ditching a concert two days later. John and Paul had won most of the games but Paul had argued he wanted to be the Boston Patriots. Ringo was always the Houston Oilers.John had wanted to be Boston.George had wanted to be the New York Titans but in 1966 on December 7th at approximately 2:30PM he had chosen to be the Patriots. This is what broke up the Beatles.

edit Shitstation 2 Version

The Shitstation 2 Version included create a player roster control Broadcast Presentation Franchise Online Play and First Person Football. It included New Commentary from Pat Summerall and Chris Schenzel.

edit Pii Version

The Pii Version was limited as the graphics were'nt that great but they did have online play. The same old commentary was from Jack Whitaker and Al Pollard.

edit Bitchass Box 11 Version

The Bitchass Box 11 Version included something extra which was Superstar Mode you would play the games from the 1963-64 season.The Bitchass Box 11 Version was also the same things as Shitstation 2 New Commentary from Pat Summerall and Chris Schenzel. and the Online Play and Franchise First Person Football and Create A Player.

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