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edit Welcome!

edit Random Quotes

Well, the most important thing to any idiot is randomness, and indeed nothing could be more random than these random quotes, hence the name. So enjoy these random quotes and remain completely unaware that I'm calling you an idiot by implying that you would enjoy these quotes by idiots such as yourself.

“I can haz ur s0ulz?”
~ Soul-Stealing LOLCat on ur s0ulz
“You cannot have my soul, for I am an Almighty Mage!”
~ RuneScape Nerd on Soul-Stealing LOLCat
“u r kidin rite??”
~ Level 3 RuneScape N00B on Realizing that he missed the Halloween event because he was grounded

edit Information that you don't need to know

I play RuneScape too much, because I have chronic nerdiness and a bad case of n00bophobia. I live on a PvP world, because you always get Level 20 combat n00bs who decide to celebrate their Level 20 combat by rushing to a PvP because it is the required level. "Oooh, look at me, I'm so awesome, I'm on a PvP world!" Yeah, mate, until some Level 100+ comes and 1 hit KOs you. Owned.

Some people may claim that RuneScape is too addictive. I agree. So what? Wanna fight? I'll PK you with my Rune 2h! (Yeah, I do play it too much. It's started to take over my life... HA! As if I have a life!)

edit Click here for $9999999999!!

Heheheheheheh. You actually clicked it, didn't you. How stupid of you. As if I'd give you $9999999999. If I had that, I'd buy Uncyclopedia.

“$9999999999? That sucks. I promise MY customers $9999999999999999999999999999!”
~ Spammer on My Offer

edit Moving on...

So you don't want to hear about RuneScape. Oh well. No-one ever does. So...

Hmmm... Why is she lying on a bunch of bricks? Get a bed or something. If she's STILL cold, I can get in the bed with her to warm her up [citation needed].

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