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Did you know...
Galanoth1113 loves boobs, and often enjoys torturing the idiot who says he has no need for boobs.
Did you know...
Galanoth1113 thinks this image is hot, and cannot find a reason why anyone would say that boobs are not hot unless they were gay.

This page will be ready soon... unless I decide not to finish it. Otherwise, the evil monkey that lives in my closet will finish it.

edit About Galanoth1113:

Galanoth is an Uncylopedia user. He is currently living in Hell, where he has been living for 13 years. He is 8500 years old. His hobbies include torturing those who like making people happy and spreading unimaginable pain. He also plans to take away any happiness that you may feel. Galanoth dislikes those who oppose his methods of spreading pain.

Galanoth uses Uncyclopedia so he can torture all the people who try to help idiotic n00bs, who prefer to be called new users. He also corrects spelling mistakes and then tortures the idiots who made them. When not viewing Uncyclopedia, he likes to help people feel the pain by throwing rocks at them.

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