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Rad racer box front

Looking at the cover even now still gives people an adrenaline rush!

Rad Racer was a video game released in 1995 by Sega the game was highly anticipated as gamers couldn't wait to drive their 16-bit Ferrari down nine homogeneous highways and biways. The game received a Everyone rating by the ESRB though some parents were concerned about how when a car went off the road how it was spin out and then explode even if it didn't hit anything.

It should however be noted that during the year of Rad Racer's release teenage driving accidents decreased. The game was thus awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. This is rad.

edit Gameplay

Jc 37

A hitchiker from the game some experts believe the ability to run over these people became the basis for Grand Theft Auto.

The game consists of a player driving his/her car down a highway trying to dodge obstacles such as; other cars, trees planted right in the road, hitchhikers and desperate members of Jehovah's Witness. Your car must pass eight checkpoints per race before you run out of fuel. There are five other cars not including your own racing against you they are all Ford cars and cheat codes can be unlocked so that you can put on Firestone tires on your opponent's vehicle so that they will randomly implode.

There are seven different areas you race in to complete the game:

  1. Florida
  2. Grand Canyon valley
  3. California beach.
  4. New York City
  5. Australia
  6. Arctic
  7. Detroit[1]

If the game is completed there is a cut scene where the car goes off the road and does donuts in the grass. However since the car leaves the road it explodes violently as car parts and body parts go flying everywhere as a voice on the screen announces Fatality!

edit Footnotes

  1. Many players did not make it past this level because "certain" people kept stealing their tires while driving through the hood.
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