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The Republic of Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out
Fat rolald Fattystats
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: N/A
Anthem: N/A
Capital London
Largest city London
Official language(s) English, Japanese and all languages
Government Fat Dictatorship
Fatty See User:GNO Republic#Goverment Board
‑ Prime Minister See User:GNO Republic#Goverment Board
‑ Fat Minister Karen Debu
National Hero(es) N/A
 of Independence
Currency Fetish Pound
Religion Amish

edit History

It is founded in 1500, from portions of the Kingdom of Bigfoot. It declared independence from Spider-Man Land in 1573.



edit Today's money

The GNO Republic adopted the Fetish Pound, replacing the Dinner Dinar

edit Goverment Board

Fatty: Fat Ronald McDonald
Prime Minister (until 1997): Karen Debu (1992-1997)
Fat Minister: Karen Debu
Governor-General (until 1997): Karen Debu (1997)
Governor-Fatty: Karen Debu

edit Prime/Fat Minister

  1. 1931-1951: Ruckin Fuckin Ass Fat Yi Ass Fuck You
  2. 1951-1977: Fat Rocks Fat Yi Fat Butthead
  3. 1977-1981: Fat Weird Al
  4. 1981-1983: Fat Ronald
  5. 1983-1991: Charile Fatman
  6. 1991-1992: Yi Yopon
  7. 1992-1997 (fat since 1997): Karen Debu
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