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Sky TV fault

A common image on Sky TV.

Sky TV is a creation of Rupert Murdoch, the owner of New$ Corp. and the billionaire Rapist. It is notable for its -95% success rate, 23 hours of pr0n a day and very cheap prices.

edit History


The wanted criminal behind adult television

While a pedo was travelling the sky with a hot air baloon, a ship stormed past him heading into space and his hot air baloon was destroyed! He decided to forget that part but 20 hoes later, he went into another hot air baloon but this time, a TV ship had put him down to the ground and he was left with a pixellated vision. Realising that the sky was a deathtrap, he made a TV service for the United Kingdom - to reward them for not helping him. That was how the UK discovered JPEG artifacts on video.

edit Today

Today, Sky is host to many thousands of customers who enjoy paying almost nothing a month for Uwe Boll 24/7 in addition to many varieties of pr0n and communism. There is now a service for on demand pr0n that can be watched over and over again as this keeps viewers wanting to watch TV and ditch other habits, like being deafened by 8 year olds because they got killed.

edit Reviews from customers

Because of it's cheap service, here is what their customers have had to say:

I can *now* afford a Ferrari and it still don't mean I can get you there!
- Cee Lo Green on Sky
Thanks to Sky, Micro$oft now makes more for me and less for everyone else!
- Bill Gate$ on money.
Zey show mein mooovies fahr free!
- Uwe Boll on the only corporation that likes him.
It looks like I've cummed over the screen with my PINGASSS!
- Dr Eggman on the magnificant image quality
itz betr dan fucking bichs with my bullet shooting dick!
- ODSTSuperSpartan on TV he can't understand.
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