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Pitbull the rapper

This guy gets all the girls!

“A dog is as talented as a bag of shit. A rapping dog is no exception.”
~ Oscar Wilde on on Pitbull
Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), better known by his stagename looks and personality that resemble a Pitbull is the best selling rapper of all time in America, selling only a few more records than the greatest rapper of all time, Soulja Boy.

edit Early life

Pitbull was born in a Kodak factory, supposedly based in Cuba according to all of his masterpieces. This has caused him to namedrop Kodak in every song and have a chronic obsession with Kodaks. The world had a hard time finding his birth certificate as it was just a letter of apology from Durex.

When Pitbull started school, retardation soared dramatically as noone could be sure whether Pitbull was a human or the dog of a similar type. To make matters worse, Pitbull engaged in dealing taking drugs which made his physical appearance even worse.

By the time his drug addiction took him over, he was asking for more...

edit Music career

After dropping out of school with a diploma in cerical inspection, Pitbull met Lil Jon in a nice establishment in the beautiful city of Miami and they shared mutual ideas on developing music. Lil Jon then realised that Pitbull was the greatest rapper in the world. The song Culo was only expected to reach 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 but thanks to people becoming more and more retarded every day due to the faggot outbreak, it took over the world. Even George Bush enjoyed the works of Pitbull, as he described them to be, "orgasmic".

Enrique Pitbull love scene

You can really feel the chemistry

As Pitbull became more and more popular, his loving relationship with Lil Jon became distant. However nobody cares about Lil Jon, so it wasn't like he was bothered or anything. Another rapist by the name of Enrique Iglesias seeked Pitbull for musical advice and they did it all together, even on tour. It's clear they both loved it - Enrique and Pitbull made songs called "I Like It" and "I Like How It Feels", both featuring orgasm moments from both artists.

edit Quotes

~ Ne-Yo on being fucked by Pitbull
“Him working hard? Yeah right picture that with a Kodak!”
~ Everyone on Pitbull
~ Pitbull on lying about his local strip club
~ Chris Brown on Cubans
“This shit deserves to be locked up with a mean girl like moi”
~ Lindsay Lohan on Pitbull's excellent contributions to society
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