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Peter Griffen Boy (aka CopperCab, yes THAT CopperCab) is the IRC troll best known for his failures at life and having an obsession with his Mummy. He claims to have "asbergers" syndrome.
Baby lulz

PGB was abused by his father when he was a baby...

edit Racism

PGB is known for offending most of the world with his racial views that noone really gives a fuck about. Joel Schumacher has described PGB as a "racist fuck with bat nipples"!

[23:33] <CopperCab> so any generation I pokemon in blak
[23:34] <GeorgieGibbons> what?
[23:34] <CopperCab> You know Charmander and Pikachu in Pokemon African American
[23:35] <GeorgieGibbons> didn't think there was such thing as Pokemon African American
[23:35] <CopperCab> It is also known as Pokemon Black
[23:35] <GeorgieGibbons> why don't you just call it that?
[23:36] <CopperCab> It was a joke
[23:36] <GeorgieGibbons> and it wasn't very funny

edit Mental health

It can be questioned to whether PGB has health issues or not but it is safe to say that he is a retard. Well, he is retarded enough to say this:

[01:04] <GeorgieGibbons> PeterGriffenBoy - your mum wants you
[01:04] <Smuff> GG is she hawt? D:
[01:04] <GeorgieGibbons> yes
[01:04] <PeterGriffenBoy> nuh uh
[01:04] <PeterGriffenBoy> she fat
[01:04] <PeterGriffenBoy> and ugly
[01:04] <GeorgieGibbons> you called your own mum fat and ugly 0_o
[01:04] <Smuff> more cleavage then :P

When PGB was discovered by the press, everyone had a reaction. Scientists begun work on a drug that could prevent PGB from being who he is but the whole world couldn't face it, even his idol!

edit Ginger revolution

PGB, a known ginger, wanted to promote gingers to everyone as he considers them to be normal. As well as register on YouTube as CopperCab and make a video, he spread his views through other mediums.

[22:01] <PeterGriffenBoy>
[22:01] <FusionWarrior> od
[22:01] <FusionWarrior> old*
[22:01] <GeorgieGibbons> is your whole life based upon gingers?
[22:01] <[Ayumi]> ^
[22:02] <PeterGriffenBoy> yes
[22:02] <FusionWarrior> what a pathetic life philosophy
[22:02] <PeterGriffenBoy> I am a Republican
[22:02] <FusionWarrior> i admin a porn site. My life does NOT revolve around porn.

10 minutes later, he was found by police to be raping a monkey.

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