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ODSTSuperSpartan is an IRCtroll who is famous for attacking #halo-fanon and #uncyclopedia begging to become an admin and if he doesn't, he'll fuck everyone until he gets his way.

edit Early life and Education

ODSTSuperSpartan's early life is largely unknown to many historians and researchers. What is gathered from conversations with him is that he was born some time after the year 2000, in the Russian city of Vladivostok. Attending the Moscow State University (which is impossible, given his age), ODST is stated to have studied three degrees simultaneously, of English, Russian and Maths; however, his English and Maths skills generally cast doubt on this, suggesting he discovered Halo and flunked both spectacularly.

Welcome to russia

ODSTSuperSpartan and his long term twin brother lover

edit Recent years

After being deported from Russia for PINGAS inspecting, ODSTSuperSpartan tried to move to many other countries but was turned down by the immigration authorities worldwide for his poor grammar and threats to fuck everyone with his "big dick". He currently resides in a Soviet Retirement Home for those who are unloved, which is impossible, given that he was born in the 21st Century.

He was rated as the worst Russian to have ever wandered onto a computer, let alone IRC. Many campaigns are being held on many worldwide domains to hunt him down, even a complete nub wants in on the action!

edit Rumoured suicide

After going on hiatus for over a year, we had jumped to the conclusion that ODSTSuperSpartan had commited suicide as he cannot become an admin, but our hopes were shattered in November 2010 when he returned to IRC. It was later revealed that the one who commited suicide was Yoda. The world vowed revenge on ODSTSuperSpartan for time wasting and making us forget the death of Yoda: a beloved one, he was.

edit Obsession with 'Haz Admin'



Date of birth circa 2000, probably even later
Date of death Not soon enough Hopefully soon!
Reign July, 2009 - present
Occupation IRC troll, Soviet Communist, Rapist
Affiliated with USSR
Martial status Gay, Pedophile
Our cruisers can't repel bad spelling and grammar of this magnitude!
- ONI recon 111, on ODSTSuperSpartan's spelling and grammar

ODSTSuperSpartan attempted many times to gain administration on Halo Fanon and Uncyclopedia. Because of his many attempts and ultimate failure, a kindhearted gesture by a well-meaning user yielded that ODSTSuperSpartan would Op abuse if given such privileges - and thus lost any remaining chance he had of achieving his goal. After much difficult deciphering, it is confirmed that his reasons are:

  • He claims to have tested the Halo 3 and Halo Reach Beta. At least, he claims to have done so.
  • He claims to knows people in Bungie that will ban us from Halo Reach unless we give him admin. Apparently they can do so even though they don't know our gamertags.
  • He claims his dad is rich and can send us lots of money if we make him admin.
  • He claims he will keep coming back and bugging us unless we give him admin.
  • He will sexually harass us until he becomes an admin.
  • He claims to have a big "shooting" dick.

edit A conversation with ODSTSuperSpartan


edit IRC trolling career

Jealously leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger....leads to RAEGQUIT!!!1!1!11
- CommanderTony

ODSTSuperSpartan first appeared on the IRC in July 2009, demanding to be made admin. After a long hiatus, he reappeared again in late November 2010, again with a demand to be granted administrator rights. Despite his terrible spelling and grammar, he was politely turned down, resulting in his rage-spamming and the mishaps that followed. He was banned from #halopedia shortly afterward, but it was just the beginning for #halo-fanon.

He has also attacked #uncyclopedia in order to become an admin and has attempted to fuck many users, including <insert name here>.

He has attempted to aplogise for his behaviour on multiple occasions but it was too late. He has many grudges against users who would have liked for him to move to the land of the trolls but he would rather circumvent bans and worship faggotry.

It is notable that ODSTSuperSpartan even went to #freenode to ask for admin rights, but was shortly k-lined for leaving many used condoms all over the place! The dustman called a national strike, which was settled with many recycled copies of godforsaken crap!

edit #uncyclopedia trolling

After realising that he will never get his dreams on the Halo Wiki, ODST moved to #uncyclopedia, only to be rejected yet again for being a derp.

[19:56] <GeorgieGibbons> Yes, Alt+F4
[19:56] <ODSTSuperSpartan> ok
[19:56] <GeorgieGibbons> It makes you an admin
[19:56] <GeorgieGibbons> Click yes
[19:56] <ODSTSuperSpartan> no
[19:56] <GeorgieGibbons> Then you become admin
[19:57] <ODSTSuperSpartan> cause it will make me leave
[19:57] <GeorgieGibbons> Yes, leave normal user rights
[19:57] <ODSTSuperSpartan> george
[19:57] <ODSTSuperSpartan> i will click yes
[19:57] <GeorgieGibbons> OK
[19:57] <ODSTSuperSpartan> but if i am not admin i will fuck u
[19:57] <GeorgieGibbons> cool
[19:57] * ODSTSuperSpartan (538ee625@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit ( Quit: Page closed )
[19:57] <GeorgieGibbons> LOL
[18:40] <OSTDSuperSpartan> I WANNA FUCK EVERYONE I WANNA FUCK Sockadelic Olipro_ GG|AFK Codeine farmer Harm_ Trar Nachlader 
SmuffChiefjusticeDS Mitch AntiSpamMeta Pinky Black_Star joeblob Guest22330 vegadark felipe` xid  SpitfireWP AlexZ_ ashley
sleeptyper Dark_ApostropheBlackmore charitwo Nicmavr lstarnes Phencyclidine markey Suiseiseki wet rwgjuju2143 Xjs|moonshine
Viridian LaughingKota  FUCK U ALL FOR NOT MAKINGME ADMIN!!!!
[18:42] <@Mitch> OSTD? Orbital Sexually Transmitted Disease? Bonner's had a close encounter with that kind

edit ODSTSuperSpartan's stupidity

[19:51] <ODSTSuperSpartan> goegre go fuck uself bich
[19:51] <GeorgieGibbons> bich? What's a bich?
[19:52] <ODSTSuperSpartan> SHIT THE FUCK UP GEORGE
[19:52] <GeorgieGibbons> Shit the fuck up?
[19:47] <ODSTSuperSpartan> my penis is not small it very big
[19:47] <Smuff> It inch long?
[19:47] <ODSTSuperSpartan> i take many medicine so it be biger then b4
[19:47] <Smuff> wow that is big for a baby
[19:47] <ODSTSuperSpartan> I AM NOT BABY
[19:48] <ODSTSuperSpartan> FUCK U!
[19:48] <GeorgieGibbons> More like a milliinch, even if that doesn't exist
[19:48] <Smuff> probs
[19:48] <ODSTSuperSpartan> shut the uck up george
[19:48] <GeorgieGibbons> uck you
[19:48] <Smuff> "uck"
[21:47] <ODSTSuperSpartan> i wanna fuck ur asshole as hard as my dick canand it can cause it is big! :D
[18:49] <ODSTSuperSpartan> i was beta tester 4 halo reach and halo 3
[20:12] <OTSDSuperSpartan> but i can help u by have fuck with u if u want :D
[20:13] <OTSDSuperSpartan> cause i am odstsuperspartan and i dothat D
[20:18] <OTSDSuperSpartan> my dick can shoot bullet too!! :D
[20:59] <OSTDSuperSpartan> i wanna rip u asshole open w/ my huge bullet shooting dick!
[19:52] <OLIPROSUCS> remove my ban so i can join again1
[19:52] <OLIPROSUCS> !
[19:53] <OLIPROSUCS> and i can spam u all 4 admin

edit Quotes from ODST

You have my sincerest apologies if you can't understand the quotes below. Very few of us can, really.

"I beta tester for reach, I want admin."
"Fuck you A32 you annoy go away."
"Make me admin I send you lots of money over internet."
"Shut up why you racist"
"My english prefrect I have english degree."
"I tell bungie and they ban you from halo 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
"U jealous vladivostok is beatiful sity!"
"lenis was dick sucker fuck him and u STALIN 4 MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!"
"stalin was our king president he live 4 ever like god adn jesus wuld live 4 ever if he not killed fuck those romans and jews"
"ur a rwtarded bicth asshole"
"i take englsih, russian adn maths 4 degrees OMG fuck u in ur ASSHOEL"
"omg shut the fuck up u bicthi asshle fagt im leave u fucking annoy"
"hey can i b admin now? plz? MAKE ME 1 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"
"I WILL B ADMIN YES I WILL U JUST W8 ur rong dude"
"i will spam u guys if i hav 2"
"as of 2 day, if u dont make me admin in 24 ours, i commit war on u all"
"god bles the soviet union"
"if u dont make me admin, i tell police abo that page adn they arrest u 4 offense"
"brit english fucking suck adn englsh is fucking bullshit language russian much better"
"u all suckbicth"
"if i am not admin i will fuck u"
"bicth if udont delte that articel i will report u 2the police adn they will arrest u 4 offence"
"i wanna rip u asshole open w/ my huge bullet shooting dick!"

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