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Please, take a seat.

Hello there. I've been expecting you. Please, take a seat. It isn't often someone comes by to talk with an anonymous IP user. Would you like some tea? No? That's fine then. So, I suppose your interested in hearing a little bit about myself and my fellow brothers. Well get comfortable, the life of an IP is long and harsh. It can be demanding, demotivating and distressing. Very little is known about the real details. The facts behind the myth. The truth behind the smoke screen of registered users. We are looked down upon. kicked and stepped on. Registered Users think they own the place. We only count as half a vote on uncyclopedia. If I cut a registered user in half, would he be the same as an IP user? I think not. The tales I am about to tell you are brutal, but very true. You have just ventured into the life of an IP.

edit The Cult

A very unknown fact of the IP bortheren is our secret cult. Yes, I know. Take a moment for it to sink in. We are organized. In great numbers. We have no leader, or form of hierarchy. I suppose it isn't the best form of government, but it allows us to critisize ourselves. And complaining and negative critisism is what our brotheren thrive on. Us IP's are not known to be very social people (we are people, not animals. Keep that in mind). This allows us to avoid speculation, as well as keep our cult secret. There is, however, one main center to the cult. It is the Book of the IP. All full time IP members swear to it, and follow it to the end of their IPhood. If an IP is found not following the book, he or she will be negativly critisized.

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