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Once upon a time in a empty land there exsisted sugar, milk, and fruit.....

Reads my articles I am most proud of!!!! they makes me proud! prouder than the proudest dad! prouder than a mom when her son graduates! prouder than a gay pride parade! i mean yah though im like into myself i like stare into the mirror late at night and im like yah, oh, ahhhhh, arnt you beatifuls. And I read my own articles and im like yah your the shit. but maybe not i mean like yah know I like like alotta articles some of yall write theyre really funny and stuff I like like them and yah so

my favorties i wrote:

favorites others wrote:

To be added sometimes....

Anyways yah hi i like funny stuff and in particular UN news, HOW TO, and some of the plays that are wars and yah. But hi community.

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