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(Another re-write and another UN:REQ)
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#[[Ernest Rutherford]] '''([[UN:REQ]])'''
#[[HowTo:Become a sysop in 2008 or later]] '''(Re-write)'''
#[[HowTo:Break Your Addiction to Uncyclopedia]] '''(Failed VFH)'''
#[[HowTo:Break Your Addiction to Uncyclopedia]] '''(Failed VFH)'''
#[[HowTo:Make crime pay]]
#[[HowTo:Make crime pay]]

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  • HowTo:Traffic drugs and not get caught
  • HowTo:Manufacturer drugs at home!
  • Element (re-write plausible)

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  9. HowTo:Make crime pay
  10. HowTo:Speak like a bogan
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