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(I like totally forgot I saved this after some IP created it and intended to make an article out of it o_O)
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*[[Codeine is a fat cunt]]
*[[Codeine is a fat cunt]]
*[[User:RAHB|The dumb nigger himself]]
*[[User:RAHB|The dumb nigger himself]]
*[[Fuck your garden]]
[[Category:Uncyclopedia In-Jokes]]
[[Category:Uncyclopedia In-Jokes]]

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RAHB likes Zappa he is therefore a total loser.

RAHB is Uncyclopedia's gayest, stupidest administrator, by all accounts. Why just last week he called me a gay queero fag and banned me, I mean what a total cunt! He is universally hated by every single user in existence, as he will ban you for stupid reasons, or just because you are fucking there!

He also has an unfortunate habit of "huffing" my masterpieces which I spend hours working on, saying they aren't funny enough to be on his dumb site. He also might huff it because he simple doesn't like me.

edit Zappa fanboi

Frank Zappa

Hurr durr durr. I like Zappa. I like cock.

RAHB likes Zappa, everybody knows Zappa is a dumb dick who cant sing and likes to smoke pot. I mean, why like that dickweed? Oh right I forgot RAHB is a dumb nigger, and is therefore prone to liking music that others might find distasteful or simply disturbing. Anyway he seems to like tits also, as his block summaries always state. Tits Tits Tits. I put it down to trouble with dah ladies.

His Zappa obsession can be brought down to the fact that he had a sad childhood, his pedophile father raped him up the bum with his herpes covered penis, which has lead to RAHB saying penis penis penis, whenever he molests an IP with his ban hammer, that is always why. And it has lead to his worship of Zappa, as Zappa was his only true father figure, if you insult him, you are banned for life dude.

edit Dumb nigger

I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this (especially blacks) but RAHB s a true dumb nigger. He does not appreciate funnies and laughs at his own stupid block summary jokes. Only a dumb nigger would think this. I am funnier than him and this article is living proof of that, as we would never think to write a masterpiece like this.

He is also American, and therefore likely to be uneducated (hence the dumb part). Further more he edits Uncyclopedia and that only increases the level of stupidity, it is a well known fact that most Uncyclopedians are a series of monkeys with typewriters and the occasional bot that puts words together in no particular order.

I for one, also do not love him.

edit I haet him

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