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“Sorry boss I'm late for work, the train was late AGAIN!”
~ Officer Worker on Cityrail
“Thats a lame excuse, you use it every day”
~ A boss on Firing the worker

Cityrail (a.k.a: Shittyfail) is a train network system operating in the greater metropolitan area of Sydney and outer suburbs. Cityrail was founded in the mid 1980s with objective of providing Sydney with a reliable form of public transport to get from point A to point B. Of course people now realise this is political bullshit and not at all related to the real world, as Cityrail trains are anything but reliable.

edit History

Cityrail was founded in the 1980s by The NSW government of the time. The people asked for cheap reliable public transport and as usually the government didn't provide it. Instead the government developed public transport that was:

  1. Never on time
  2. Graffited train carriages
  3. STD covered toilet seats
  4. STD covered workers
  5. Bogons?

Of course all the public is ever used to, and can expect from anyone in charge is something shit. So really cityrail is just more of the same for Sydney siders. As time progressed however there have been sone slight improvements in services. For example, they now have an automaited telephone line you can complain to if there is a delay, unfortunatly your voice is never heard by an actual human being.

edit Safety

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