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"The poor bastard!! LOL JK"

-Oscar Whiled on this guy.

"Duhuhahahaha The church of Fish-stick's dawn..."

-Homsar on the poor bastard

Oh god, it- oh god. I just have to shit so badly right at this very moment. Yes this moment! It's just that- I haven't gone in 3 weeks man!! I have to so bad but I just can't *sobs* I have to hold it together, man. I can't even use a photo or the colors would increase the pain & suffering I'm going through right now.

The start of the suffering

The day the pain began was a Thursday if I'm correct. I was eating Top Ramen Noodles when I suddenly had to shit, this shit I could tell was a huge 20 minute affair. But I took another bite and POOF! No more poop, but later I had to but could'nt. I tried industrial grade laxatives (Y'know, the ones they use for manure farms) but all that happened was a week at the hospital. I don't know man. But it's just a pain in the bowels *literally*...

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