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At one point in time, I went to the bathroom, locked the door, rubbed lotion onto the tail end of a plunger, and inserted it into my anus. Proceeding from there, I stuck it up against the wall so that I would have to bend over as the plunger repeatedly went in and out of my anus. I derived great pleasure from doing this and masturbating simultaneously. Of course, before and after this activity I rigorously sterilized the plunger end and my hands. I made sure to neither insert the plunger in deeper than was comfortable nor do the activity immediately before or after having a bowel movement. Recently I have stopped this practice for health reasons. It is a well known fact that circumcision decreases sensitivity and hence pleasure in the penis, so I believe that, being circumcised, it is perfectly normal to experiment with masturbation techniques that could augment the pleasure. Thus, this website is not so weird when one considers its overall mission, that is, to make the masturbation experience of boys from 4-12 more enjoyable and fulfilling- without getting caught looking at videos of Grandma and Grandpa Smith mutilating a young girl's vagina whilst engaging in anal sex with a shemale. :)

Oops!! (f**king autocorrect) I meant mutilating a young BOY'S vagina. I was thinking of something else. Sorry kid! I forgot that you were MTF!

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