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Articles are graded based on the traditional PEE format - Humour, Concept, Prose/Formatting, Images, and Misc. If you have any questions/compliments about my reviewing, leave it on my talkpage.

edit General Comments

edit Judged

House of Hangover ☺ Final Score: 29/50
humour6/10 You're forcing in a whole assortment of ideas into one short article - monkeys, the United States, plumbers, pink hair, elephants, Barbie dolls??? I guess it's kinda funny how you're adding in all sorts of odd stuff that the Hangover(ians?) have been doing, but it verges on being unfunny with your entire litter of ideas. If you read each sentence on it's own, it's pretty funny, but you've got to find a way to meld the sentences together to form a stellar article - right now that gel is lacking in your article. Otherwise, good job.
concept7/10 IMO you have a strong concept, it has the potential to do pretty well with some work - it's a really short article, but I like the idea of some sort of leader-esque figure to the scandalous European royal families. The concept of royalties doing odd stuff might be a little overused though, so if you're planning on working on this article, you should try your best to make it different from other similar articles.
p&f5/10 "Establised"? "Irish and Britons were very happy"? "Traditionary"? Write the article in the past tense please, rather than the present tense - as they "are" should be as they "were". Try to use the encyclopaedic tone too, refrain from words such as "didn't", and use "did not" instead. The strikethrough was a huge turnoff for me, too.
images4/10 I'm sorry, but ew you have a gallery. IMO a gallery is just a place where you can toss in ideas that you are unable to fit into the article with ease - I dislike that. I'd rather you create a section of "Notable Hangoverians" rather than to include a whole gallery. Your images in the article itself are pretty good, but those in the gallery honestly don't really add much to the article.
misc7/10 Interesting concept. Bonus points for the name, because there actually is a real Hangover House, from which Ayn Rand drew inspiration for the setting of The Fountainhead. Overall, a very nice attempt at an article, and I can very easily see a writer who has the potential to go pretty far. Just. Don't use galleries.

edit Not Judged

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