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This is the page where you provide feedback for the 30 articles submitted to this years NOWC. Follow the simple instructions below and fill out as required.

edit House of Hangover

  • Humour - Score: 6/10 Comment: Several decent jokes in there, but none that really stood out or had me actually laughing out loud. I smiled a lot though.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: The concept was a good core foundation of this article, I like the play on words modifying House of Hanover to House of Hangover, which is then followed by various drunken exploits by notable members of said House, and different ways that they wake up hungover.
  • Originality - Score: 6/10 Comment: Jokes about alcohol have been done before, but not necessarily in this same way. No cliches or old memes were used, which is a good thing. The article tends to get predictable about halfway through, and stays predictable.
  • Formatting - Score: 6/10 Comment: Still needs a good proofreading, though the headers are done right for each section. One of the sections was almost too short to get its own header, and should have been expanded.
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: Decent use of images, and I like the gallery section. I'm not so sure I like the Nazi symbol on the royal shirt though, because that tends to be cliche, and could offend some people just for the sake of being offensive. Offensive is not always funny. No award-winning images here though.
  • Total - Score: 34/50 Comment: Not feature-worthy, but a decent article well-suited to the mainspace. I would have liked to have seen the 'Legacy' section expanded so that most of the article wasn't focused on just the History section. I would have liked to have seen some sort of unusual element to the article rather than just descriptions of drunken exploits and bizarre hangovers.

edit UnNews:Leprechauns support Obama

  • Humour - Score: 7/10 Comment: You hit the right news-like tone on this one
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: This concept successfully pulls together the whole article, and is inherently funny.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: Having a fictional character(s) support a politician is something that one does not see very often, but there have been a lot of political UnNewses lately due to the upcoming election.
  • Formatting - Score: 9/10 Comment: The word oppressed is misspelled in the article, but otherwise, formatting is very good, standard UnNews format.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: Good image use in this article. I love the expression on the leprechaun's face. Because this is an UnNews, I was not expecting more than one image, unlike a regular article.
  • Total - Score: 41/50 Comment: A very good UnNews. I foresee a feature in your future.

edit The Hawaiian conquest of Wales

  • Humour - Score: 6/10 Comment: Using the Nike slogan 'impossible is nothing' does not excuse skipping part of the story. I was disappointed to see this tactic used, and it detracts from the consistency of the article. I like the joke about how pineapple pizza was invented, however, and there were a couple of other decent jokes there.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: Vowel theft is a fun and original concept, and I love the way the story was told around it.
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: A new twist on a war story. We have plenty of war stories written around here, but few good ones: this is one of the good ones. The use of AAAAA is cliche now, it tends to get overused in articles.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: I didn't find any formatting issues here, formatting is excellent.
  • Images - Score: 4/10 Comment: The canoes image is good, but the other images need better captioning. There is a contrast between the Hawaiian with the night background and the boy with no background. The Wales warrior needs to look fiercer, in my opinion, otherwise that would explain why they lost.
  • Total - Score: 41/50 Comment: Your strongest point was your formatting, unfortunately not your humor. When voting for a feature, both the humor and the formatting must be strong, in my opinion. I like the originality in the concept, but writing a good humorous war story is really hard to do.

edit Cthulhu Tequila

  • Humour - Score: 6/10 Comment: I liked the jokes about the Cthulhu mutations, but there could have been this article. It needs more "secret ingredient".
  • Concept - Score: 7/10 Comment: The concept of a drink that turns you into Cthulhu is a fun one, but I don't think you took it quite far enough.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: I haven't seen a lot of Uncyclopedic articles on specific alcoholic beverages, though there are several on types of alcohol, so I am rating this one high in originality. However, quoting fake Bible verses has been overdone a lot on Uncyclopedia.
  • Formatting - Score: 8/10 Comment: You need to remove some of the red-links from the article. Otherwise, headers and footnotes are done well, and I don't see any obvious proofreading problems.
  • Images - Score: 9/10 Comment: From the label off the bottle (it's convincing - is it an actual beverage name?) to the busty chick who sells the drink, I think you used your images well.
  • Total - Score: 39/50 Comment: Good encyclopedic tone. I would have liked to see some of the sections expanded just a little.

edit Giovanni Battista Bugatti

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: The dark humor in this article will not appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed it. Nothing completely unexpected here though.
  • Concept - Score: 6/10 Comment: The concept of a record-breaking executioner is good, but how many people will search for this particular person? I think your article will be hard to find for most people. Bugatti, by the way, is the name of a French car mfg. company, according to Wikipedia.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: I find this concept of profiling an executioner original, it's something one doesn't see often; but the concept of breaking records is not uncommon.
  • Formatting - Score: 9/10 Comment: You have one redlink in your article, otherwise, formatting is excellent.
  • Images - Score: 9/10 Comment: I especially liked the image with the rolling head mini-golf course, but I would have liked to see more images.
  • Total - Score: 41/50 Comment: Weak concept, but very good execution (pun intended)

edit UnPoetia:Ode to Cthulhu

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: I enjoyed the humor in this article. The praise was not overdone too much, nor underdone, and describing the monster's tentacles as "pretty" is hilarious, especially when it is followed up with the destructive acts that will be done by the monster in the future.
  • Concept - Score: 7/10 Comment: The idea of writing an ode to a mythological monster is hilarious, and holds this Unpoetia together well.
  • Originality - Score: 6/10 Comment: Odes to a mythological creature are something that is done fairly often, not so often on this site though.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: The formatting looks good, typical poetry formatting.
  • Images - Score: 5/10 Comment: The "ceiling cat" meme is overused, this take on a "ceiling Cthulhu" has some potential, but barely fits in here. Also, there is only one image here. Still, the image does tend to lighten up the poetry.
  • Total - Score: 36/50 Comment: Your strong point here was your humor, your weaker point was your image (or lack of sufficient images). Unpoetia tends to be more difficult to judge.

edit UnNews:Amy Winehouse is Alive and Kicking

  • Humour - Score: 4/10 Comment: Nothing unexpected here, just meh.
  • Concept - Score: 5/10 Comment: Had you used more originality, this concept might have had more potential. This tends to be along the same lines as "Elvis is alive" except with the subject being Amy Winehouse. Also, you could have fleshed out the concept more, to let the reader know how they know it was Amy Winehouse and not just a look-a-like with Bigfoot fur.
  • Originality - Score: 2/10 Comment: Elvis is alive/Bigfoot sightings have been overdone. This tends to be along those same lines.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: No formatting issues here, follows good formatting guidelines.
  • Images - Score: 2/10 Comment: Only one image here, and unfortunately that image is poor quality, very obviously photoshopped.
  • Total - Score: 23/50 Comment: A better quality image would have really added to the article, but instead this poor-quality image almost detracts from it. I was hoping for an unexpected twist at the end, or even some drama caused by Amy Winehouse, but was disappointed.

edit HowTo:Join The Internet Wrestling Community

  • Humour - Score: 4/10 Comment: I didn't enjoy this article much, but then again, I am unfamiliar with internet wrestling fans, and the jokes weren't anything special that I hadn't seen before. The list had some humor in it, but unfortunately, it was just a list.
  • Concept - Score: 5/10 Comment: This concept will not appeal to those who are unfamiliar with internet wrestling fans. Then again, those unfamiliar with the internet wrestling community will probably not be looking for this article, either.
  • Originality - Score: 4/10 Comment: This is a decently original idea, but how to join a group has been done before. Relies too much on homosexual humor, which has also been done to death.
  • Formatting - Score: 5/10 Comment: A good portion of this article is a list. Please avoid lists, they are way overdone on Uncyclopedia.
  • Images - Score: 0/10 Comment: NO images were added to this article. None. It needs at least one, better yet two or three.
  • Total - Score: 18/50 Comment: Images making the wrestlers look effeminate, or parodying the wrestling fans, would have improved this article vastly.

edit Frank Bush

  • Humour - Score: 7/10 Comment: This guy's rage and generally being bat-fuck-insane is over the top, as it should be. However, nowhere is it alluded to that there really is a Frank Bush who is a linebacker coach in the NFL (according to Wikipedia), so I may even be missing out on something if that coach has anything in common with this (fictional) character.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: The concept of Frank Bush as George Bush's older, psychopathic brother, is funny, and pulls the article together nicely.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: Articles on people are quite common, but this has a new angle to it.
  • Formatting - Score: 7/10 Comment: "The Speech" has a statistics section in it, which usually becomes a magnet for other users to add to the list until the list completely loses its humor value. Otherwise, formatting is good.
  • Images - Score: 10/10 Comment: The images back up your article well, and are well-captioned.
  • Total - Score: 42/50 Comment: Overall, I enjoyed this article.

edit UnNews:Lance Armstrong: My Moped Shame

  • Humour - Score: 9/10 Comment: I really enjoyed this article. The elaborate scheme to hide the fact that he was using a gasoline powered engine in this case was great. I also like the speculation that Lance never had cancer here.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: The idea with Lance Armstrong cheating with a gas-powered engine instead of drugs is hilarious.
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: Lance Armstrong articles have been done before on other sites, but not like this.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: Excellent formatting, I found no issues here.
  • Images - Score: 9/10 Comment: Lance does look like he's holding his breath in the one picture, and the other picture backs up the concept of your article well. Great images and captions.
  • Total - Score: 44/50 Comment: Potentially feature-worthy, and a timely UnNews topic.

edit UnNews:Baumgartner skydive 'was bachelor party prank'

  • Humour - Score: 9/10 Comment: Thought-inspiring. A less prepared man certainly would have had issues like air-sickness, and the concept is hilarious.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: Great concept - the idea that someone would actually pull this extreme a bachelor party prank is way out there.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: An original take on current news.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: Excellent formatting, no redlinks.
  • Images - Score: 10/10 Comment: The images really added to the article, especially the diagram.
  • Total - Score: 47/50 Comment: A very timely and funny UnNews, and potentially feature-worthy.

edit UnNews:An American's guide to Scottish Independence

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: Some of the humor here is British humor, which being American, I didn't understand. But there were enough jokes here that I caught some of them at least.
  • Concept - Score: 7/10 Comment: Above average, but not outstanding. There's only so far that one can go with this concept.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: Finally, something that isn't something based on a story that an American reads about in the news every day.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: I found no formatting errors here.
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: An average image with a good caption.
  • Total - Score: 40/50 Comment: Overall, above average, but not feature-worthy.

edit UnNews:Obama wins debate with Fresh Prince rap

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: I liked the idea of Obama rapping to win the debate, and the ridiculousness of the suggestion to divide the nation between Obama and Romney.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: This concept really held the article together, and was expanded on very well.
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: Above average, but humor articles and cartoons about the debates are all over the web.
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: I saw no obvious formatting errors.
  • Images - Score: 10/10 Comment: A remake of a classic iconic picture. Great quality image.
  • Total - Score: 44/50 Comment: Overall, great job.

edit UnNews:Homosexual comic characters 'giving geeks ideas'

  • Humour - Score: 7/10 Comment: Above average. There were several good jokes in there, but none that stood out particularly to me. I liked the part about the bullies being confused by their typical victim "getting some".
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: Above average concept, the story is consistent and not confusing at all.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: The title suggests to me that the story would be written by an ultra-conservative religious person who considers homosexuality sinful, but you took this in a completely different direction. Bravo!
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: No redlinks or obvious formatting errors here.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: Good picture, great caption. Since this is an UnNews, I won't mark you down here for having only one image.
  • Total - Score: 42/50 Comment: Overall, above average. Great job!

edit UnNews:Chavez plays down "crush you all" comment

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: A great example of political avoidance and misdirection.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: A timely subject, using some of the same strategies as were used in the presidential debates
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: Fairly original, but the dictator theme has been done before.
  • Formatting - Score: 8/10 Comment: Avoid redlinks in your articles, please.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: A funny image and caption, but only loosely related to the article.
  • Total - Score: 40/50 Comment: An enjoyable UnNews, but probably not feature-worthy. Good job, overall.

edit UnNews:Number of gay TV characters "still far behind number of gay actors and producers"

  • Humour - Score: 9/10 Comment: Lots of euphemisms for gay here, along with lots of innuendo. Well done here.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: Based on a recent news story, you took this to a different conclusion. Well above average.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: Gay humor is done a lot on Uncyclopedia, but you did this well, which is unusual.
  • Formatting - Score: 9/10 Comment: When you talk about Travolta and Eddie Murphy, I think you mean "heterophobic" not "homophobic" smear campaigns. Otherwise, no formatting/proofreading errors besides this.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: Above average. I like how you continued the innuendo here.
  • Total - Score: 42/50 Comment: I enjoyed this UnNews, and look forward to more from you in the future.

edit UnNews:FaceBook comments arrest terrifies trolls

  • Humour - Score: 7/10 Comment: There were some decent jokes in there, but overall average. It is too close to the actual news story.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: Above average: this concept has potential, but I found the article wasn't fleshed out well enough.
  • Originality - Score: 9/10 Comment: Seeing this story, it makes one wonder, why hasn't anybody thought of that before?
  • Formatting - Score: 10/10 Comment: I found no formatting issues here.
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: I didn't get the "Venn" part of the caption.
  • Total - Score: 41/50 Comment: Overall a good UnNews, but probably not featureworthy.

edit Civilization V

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: I haven't played this game, but still found this article funny, since I like strategy games.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: I like the idea of a strategy game designed without strategy, explaining what is wrong with the play of the game.
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: "This game needs improvement" articles have been done before on Uncyclopedia, but rarely are they done well.
  • Formatting - Score: 8/10 Comment: Under the sound section, you used the expression "cost to much", when it should be "cost too much". Also, under the critical reception section, there was a grammatical error. Also, the last two sections could use expanding just a little.
  • Images - Score: 3/10 Comment: Only one image was used, and that image wasn't particularly funny. At least it was a good quality image though. You really needed more images here.
  • Total - Score: 34/50 Comment: Your lack of sufficient images hurt you here. Still, the article was well-written overall, and will make a good addition to the mainspace, where the few grammatical mistakes will be corrected.

edit UnNews:Limbo recalled in several countries due to injury risk

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: 'The first paragraph really needs polishing, but it only gets better from there, which is good. Overall, good job.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: You followed through with the concept fairly well here, and the concept did its job in holding the article together, nothing too confusing here.
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: Frivolous lawsuits are nothing new, but you took this to enough of an extreme to make it somewhat original.
  • Formatting - Score: 6/10 Comment: You had strikeouts in some strange places that did not add to the humor, plus you had some grammatical errors.
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: You had two decent images here, but the captions could have been better.
  • Total - Score: 36/50 Comment: An average UnNews here, could use a little more polishing.

edit The_Foundations_of_Real_Time_and_Turn_Based_Strategy

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: The first section of the article is well-written, but depends too much on the reader having viewed the video. Some readers do not bother to watch videos. I also liked the debate section, and the part about the one debater having forgotten to pause his game.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: The title sounds boring, but you managed to make the article amusing to read. Good job.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: I've seen lots of articles on games, but none on this particular topic. Unfortunately, you are borrowing too much from others' work with the videos.
  • Formatting - Score: 6/10 Comment: Sections are listy, plus on the debate section you did not use bold to distinguish the "For" speaker from the "Against" speaker. Read some UnScripts for examples of how to format dialogue properly, and please avoid listcruft. Also, some of your sections are nothing but videos, which is generally frowned upon.
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: Your images lack captions, but I am giving you an extra point for including videos in your article. Generally articles do not need videos, and you have really too many videos for one article.
  • Total - Score: 37/50 Comment: Not bad for someone with your experience. A decent average mainspace article.

edit Put_your_credit_card_details_here

  • Humour - Score: 2/10 Comment: The picture was funny in this context, but other than that, there was little humor content here.
  • Concept - Score: 3/10 Comment: The idea here was to make fun of phishing, but it ended up looking more like what it was mocking than actually making light of a cyber-crime.
  • Originality - Score: 4/10 Comment: This kind of article hasn't been attempted on Uncyclopedia yet, but phishing on the web is very commonplace. More originality is needed in making up more humorous fake credit card numbers and "reasons for being here". The whole article is too predictable.
  • Formatting - Score: 5/10 Comment: I'm not sure if you wanted the numbers and the headers for the numbers in the format they're in or not. The space in front of each line gives it a computerized look, which may have been what you were going for. Also, the introductory section needed expanding.
  • Images - Score: 4/10 Comment: The picture was funny in this context, but needed a caption. Also, you could have included another picture or two, such as a fake capcha image that is totally unreadable in order to accept the credit card number.
  • Total - Score: 18/50 Comment: This article just needed more effort and a little more polishing. The introductory section could use rewriting.

edit Wii_U_on_indefinite_hold

  • Humour - Score: 4/10 Comment: Has some potential, but its potential is mostly untapped. The numerous lawsuits are one possible humor angle, but there aren't enough of them to really emphasize how there are too many of them going on. The exact role of Foxconn is unclear in the article, it is not introduced well at the beginning, where it is implied that they are business partners, or in some sort of negotiations, but what is being negotiated is not explained well.
  • Concept - Score: 4/10 Comment: This concept is not funny on its own, it could work as a hoax, but only if its a convincing hoax. Alternatively, you could find a funny reason that it is being postponed, such as frivolous lawsuits from people who don't put on the wrist straps on their Wii controllers.
  • Originality - Score: 5/10 Comment: The "fat kid" humor is unoriginal, and I did not find it funny. Update: I'm giving you a point back for some originality in your images.
  • Formatting - Score: 3/10 Comment: Full of redlinks, does not follow UnNews format (an UnNews article should start with "UnNews:Article Title", and the city name in the location should be capitalized)
  • Images - Score: 4/10 Comment: At least you have enough images. But one or two of your images do not make sense with their caption, or use stereotype humor. For instance, how does pride and karate kicks mix? Update: I'm giving you a point back now that you have explained this for me, but as I explained below, there needs to be some consistency with the article.
  • Total - Score: 20/50 Comment: This article needs more work, and fewer stereotypes. Just because someone is different does not make them funny, unless they are completely way-out-there-and-over-the-top different. Most of the time, it is better to avoid stereotypes, unless they are the topic of the article.

Am I allowed to argue with you? lol --Reallybloodymental (talk) 18:58, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Ok I can't resist saying a few things. - Redlinks encourage creativity. I.e, see a red link you like? Then create a page. - Pride and Karate kicks mix.... because... every warrior has his honor. Also you have to be a ninja to work there. - The fat kid joke is about overpopulation in China and that there is no room for fat kids. But it's also ironic because the issue is child labor in general period and fat has nothing to do with it, so it's just in their for the sake of it to look ridiculous. - How can you say it's unoriginal because of one joke? - The lawsuits I mentioned are twists on existing events and are jokes about a few things Nintendo fans will be in the know about. I understand how you didn't get that. However the idea of using more examples is good because I was implying that Nintendo are surrounded by lawsuits. - Your joke about straps is fine, it would have made a good addition, but that's only slightly additional to the groundwork that I created by using rich people and expensive vases as an example. - My images were actually very creatively done, such as the takeaway blends into the bed pretty well and the idea of poor work conditions with syringes falling from the sky is pretty on point. You have to be a ninja to deal with that kind of craziness. - I didn't know that news articles were supposed to be heavy on exposition. To anyone who actually knows what is going on, they will read article after article without too much background info in each, sort of like a news update format rather than a preliminary what you need to know format. However I do agree, I could have been clearer about existing contracts, etc.

We have a page dedicated to article requests. Redlinks clutter up articles, and make the reader disappointed to find that the article they wanted to link to doesn't exist. In fact, articles in the mainspace will often get tagged with a "fix" tag simply for having too many redlinks - that means they often get DELETED after 30 days. So please avoid redlinks in your articles in the future. If somebody wants to make a page, they will make a page; they do not need a redlink in order to make a new page.
I mistook your joke about the Chinese fat children for American-Chinese fat children - it seemed very racist, and prejudiced against the obese and the Chinese. There is always "room for fat people" unless you are in cramped small spaces (like a cave or perhaps even coach class on the airlines), but not always sufficient food for fat people (to stay fat) if you understand my meaning here. The fat people joke seemed to me more like "LOL FAT", which is definitely not original, especially if you are stereotyping an entire ethnicity as "fat". The use of trollfaces on the bags of syringes was also strange, and plastering trollfaces everywhere image-wise is also not original (ED and 4chan tend to do this a lot). But I'll give you a point back on originality for the use of ninjas in the factory. Your image did not actually show syringes falling (individually) from the sky, but rather bags of syringes being pulled on an assembly line in the air, from what I could tell. The images also could have used a snappier caption, such as "Workers dodge falling needles with pride", which would also help explain the image. I liked the part about the lawsuits that you did mention, but adding more lawsuits would have helped improve the ridiculousness, though you don't have to go into as much details on each lawsuit on an UnNews. Finally, you need more consistency in your article - apparently your workers were supposed to be fat ninja warrior children, but the images either show fat or they show ninjas, but not both. Both would have been funnier.-- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 22:23, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

edit UnTunes:InFamous Last Words

  • Humour - Score: 4/10 Comment: Sorry, I just didn't enjoy most of the humor here, it fell short. The ideas were all over the place, you would have done better if you had stuck to one idea and used the verses to expand on the idea and the chorus to repeat the idea. Instead, it comes off as very random and disconnected.
  • Concept - Score: 5/10 Comment: The title seems to imply words said on a deathbed, but you didn't really follow through with that concept too well - eating ho hos isn't going to kill anyone, just make them fat, unless perhaps they explode, but this concept wasn't explored nearly enough.
  • Originality - Score: 3/10 Comment: I couldn't find much that was original here. Fap jokes, you're so gay jokes, eating too much jokes, "hoe" jokes, all been done before.
  • Formatting - Score: 6/10 Comment: No clue here as to what the tune is supposed to sound like. Some indication as to which song this is supposed to sound like (in the style of...)would be helpful. Also, you did not distinguish your chorus from your verses in this UnTunes.
  • Images - Score: 0/10 Comment: NO images, and not even an mp3 file.
  • Total - Score: 18/50 Comment: Good effort, but this UnTunes needs more work to be outstanding.
It's a parody of MCR's Famous Last Words.--General of All Branches of the Military and the Head of the State Police Eric (talk) 19:25, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

edit Date Masamune

  • Humour - Score: 4/10 Comment: Good attempt, but the use of Chuck Norris humor is so overused that it just isn't funny to me anymore. The list of accomplishments is seen so often that it is not very funny either. It would be funnier if you had described each accomplishment in more detail, focusing on a few good accomplishments and describing them in one paragraph per accomplishment instead of relying on a simple list.
  • Concept - Score: 5/10 Comment: Anime/manga characters are difficult to do well. The idea of a samurai that is often mistaken for a pirate has potential, but you did not take it to its potential. I think you did not think your concept through before writing the article, or apply enough consistency to the article.
  • Originality - Score: 2/10 Comment: Chuck Norris is so 2005. Even here, we avoid references to Chuck Norris in most articles, as it is "old meme". Take some time to read HTBFANJS to see examples of concepts that have been overused on Uncyclopedia and therefore should be avoided in articles. Chuck Norris is one of them. List sections are another one of them. The idea of heroes has been addressed before, and the "over 9000" meme is also very 2005.
  • Formatting - Score: 4/10 Comment: First off, too many quotes. Next, you have redlinks in your article. Please avoid redlinks, they clutter articles and lower their quality. Finally, way too much listiness. I once had one of my articles deleted on VFD just because it was mainly a list.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: This was your strong point in this article. Most of the captions are good, except the mention of the old "over 9000 meme" in one of them. Please, pretty please avoid this "over 9000" bit in the future.
  • Total - Score: 23/50 Comment: Please avoid memes in your article and listiness in your article. Your strong point was your images, your weak points were your formatting and originality.

edit HowTo:Upset the Gods

  • Humour - Score: 7/10 Comment: I would rate this average on a humor scale. It is certainly not the best I've ever seen, but neither is it one of the worst. I enjoyed the jokes about the gods and the type of pain they will inflict upon you when they are pissed off. Warning the reader not to read the article was a nice touch too, though it has been done before.
  • Concept - Score: 7/10 Comment: I would have liked to see some speculation on *why* the reader might want to make the gods angry. This is addressed only briefly at the start; I would have liked to see this expanded. Also, the methods of making the deities angry seem too easy; I would have liked to see more variation in the deities' personalities role in making them angry, and perhaps more deities (such as Hera/Juno: easy enough, simply sleep with her man or perhaps even flirt with him).
  • Originality - Score: 7/10 Comment: Articles about deities have been done before, and articles about making people angry have been done before, but an entire article on how to go about making deities angry is a new one.
  • Formatting - Score: 6/10 Comment: This article tends to be listy, and you used bold where italics would have done the job better. Also, there were several grammatical or spelling errors. (*Pro tip: it's "pissed off" not "pissed of".)
  • Images - Score: 7/10 Comment: Only one image here, but it was a good quality image with a great caption in the context of the article. I would have liked to see more images here.
  • Total - Score: 34/50 Comment: A good average mainspace article, but not featureworthy as it is.

edit Stu Pickles

  • Humour - Score: 5/10 Comment: This article has no background info on the TV character that gives any clues to someone (like me) who has never seen the TV series featuring this character. Instead, it reads like an article describing what a bad person this character is, and gives no sympathy to the character. If we are supposed to feel sorry for this character, more background information is needed that describes him as a good person first before describing his downward spiral. Also, the term "chocolate bitches" used to describe black people is racist, with no redeeming humor behind it. "Afro dudes" would have been funnier, since it focuses more on the outrageous hairstyle (popular in disco days) rather than the skin color.
  • Concept - Score: 6/10 Comment: You did a good job in explaining the fall of the character, but not such a good job in explaining the heights from which the character fell. Without this, the concept tends to fall apart.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: Articles about cartoon characters have been done before, but I have not seen this particular character attempted before. Making a "good" cartoon character into a bad character is not new, but you managed to avoid the use of old memes and outdated jokes here.
  • Formatting - Score: 9/10 Comment: The quote at the beginning has a redlink in it and seems unnecessary. Otherwise, no other obvious formatting errors here.
  • Images - Score: 9/10 Comment: Great use of images and captions.
  • Total - Score: 37/50 Comment: An average mainspace article, but not featurable as it is.

edit Imagine (song)

  • Humour - Score: 9/10 Comment: I really enjoyed this line by line review of the song. I think it was clever and well-done.
  • Concept - Score: 9/10 Comment: You were consistent throughout the article, and seem to have thought this concept through well before writing.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: This almost belongs in UnReviews; reviews of songs and movies have been done before, but this particular song has not been done before. The idea of Lennon as a stoner is not a new one, nor is the idea that he has alienated members of numerous religions with the opening to this song. Still, you had several original ideas in here.
  • Formatting - Score: 7/10 Comment: Too many redlinks in the infobox.
  • Images - Score: 5/10 Comment: One image in the infobox, and no real captions to it. No other images. Needs more images.
  • Total - Score: 38/50 Comment: The writing was excellent here, but your images were wanting, and there were redlinks. Work on this a little more, and you might have a feature eventually.

edit UnTunes:I will survive (Jurassic Park)

  • Humour - Score: 9/10 Comment: I liked the unexpected twist when the guy gets eaten at the end. Then again, I've never seen the movie, so this may not be unexpected for everyone.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: You had great consistency in theme throughout the UnTunes, and the idea really made a great article.
  • Originality - Score: 8/10 Comment: Dinosaurs themes have been done before, as have monsters chasing you themes, but never in an UnTunes.
  • Formatting - Score: 8/10 Comment: No redlinks here, which is good, but you didn't distinguish the chorus from the verses. Also, you didn't link to any other articles.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: Since this is an Untunes, I am excusing the fact that you only have one image and that it doesn't have a caption. I think the image is very funny, and fits well with your theme as the "album cover" for the single.
  • Total - Score: 41/50 Comment: Great job overall. UnTunes are hard to do well, but you managed this one just fine.

edit Tea-leaf reading

  • Humour - Score: 8/10 Comment: A few other jokes besides your main idea, but nothing really unexpected here.
  • Concept - Score: 8/10 Comment: I liked this concept of reading *to* tea leaves instead of reading *of* tea leaves. This article was well-outlined and organized besides.
  • Originality - Score: 10/10 Comment: I haven't seen this done before here or on other sites.
  • Formatting - Score: 7/10 Comment: Somewhat listy towards the end, and has a redlink or two in it.
  • Images - Score: 9/10 Comment: Good use of images and captions, most images were good quality.
  • Total - Score: 42/50 Comment: A little more refinement, less listy format, and this could be a feature.

edit Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Humour - Score: 2/10 Comment: I was really hoping to see something more original here, and some good jokes, but the humor tended to come off as very random. This type of biography I have seen so much of, it is no longer funny to me. You needed to pick one theme and stick with it.
  • Concept - Score: 3/10 Comment: The idea of doing an article about this guy is good, but it really didn't go anywhere in this article, the ideas were all over the place.
  • Originality - Score: 2/10 Comment: Chuck Norris, Hitler, pedophilia, Elvis. Seen it all before, sorry.
  • Formatting - Score: '5/10 Comment: Rather listy, and there are redlinks in the article. There are also several run-on sentences.
  • Images - Score: 8/10 Comment: Good images with decent captions.
  • Total - Score: 20/50 Comment: Strong on images, weak on humor and originality.
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