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Hello <insert name here>! And thankyou for showing interest in participating in Uncyclopedia's first ever Noob only writing competition. This writing competition is all about you, and turning you into regular contributors to the project. You are allowed to submit as many articles as you can write between the 8th of October and the 22nd of October, at which time they will be locked for judging. You can literally write about anything as long as it's funny, your account was registered after June 1st 2012 and it doesn't violate our vanity policies. So get to it!

Register here

(it is preferred you do this before Monday 8th of October, but you can sign up afterwards)

Submit articles here

(you may complete them in your userspace or in the mainspace, be sure to add {{NOWC}} to your article so we can keep track of entries) (submit now!)

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