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Extraterrestrial Chinese are Chinese who are living on planets other than Earth. Extraterrestrial Chinese are known for their unparalleled "geekness", "nerdity" and "greediness". Many have obtained the status of "Geek God." Therefore, they are superior to everything in the entire Universe, and they are revered. The only drawback is that extraterrestrial chinese exterminate all living things that are edible within weeks of arrival.

This of course comes at the price of being repulsive and disgusting to every other thing in the universe, but you will be amazed at the price people will pay for divinity.

However, prophecy predicts that a Great Storm will wipe out all other nations and the Extraterrestrial Chinese more chosen than the Jews, will inherit the Galaxy.

This raises the popular question of, "who the devil wants to live over sweet death anyways!", but geeks arent known for their logic.

Christians often use this prophecy against the Chinese, claiming that they are demonish infidels abandoned by God and his apocalypse. However usually the answer they get is "stupid white people".

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