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UnitedKingdomVert This user is British,
and therefore knows
how to spell:

Fuck Off

French Bastards

(List of British Uncyclopedians)

Have you ever seen a frog turd? Neither have I.

Why am I called Frogturd? Well I hop from page to page, leaving fresh piles of steaming shite wherever I stop.

edit Here's What I Look Like


Ugly as fuck eh?

edit Here's a list of ethnic/religious groups I like:

Siekhs - Fought on our side during the Indian Mutiny, WWI and WWII.
Asians - You guys came up with the curry. Truly you are gods amongst men.
Brazilians - So many hot babes. No other nation has a pubic hairstyle named after them.
Australians - Just like us, but with a funny accent. Be warned that your status on my list might change if you become a republic.
Canadians - They like The Queen better than we do.
The Dutch - The only European country with the guts to stand up to religious nuts. Reprinted the mohammed cartoons - again!!!
The Israelis - Don't give up guys.
Germans - I lived there once. A really anal race, but actually quite nice underneath.
Americans - The Simpsons redeemed you guys. A work of sublime humour and genius. I knew your British heritage would shine through.
Icelanders - We're still going to steal your fish, but I would really like some action with that Bjork.
Japanese - Vending machines selling used schoolgirl knickers. I'm in awe of you guys.

edit And ethnic/religious groups I don't like:

The French - Go fuck yourselves.
The Arabs - For fucks sake, stop killing people.
The Mormons - Are you fucking kidding? No, I don't want to join your weird group. Stop knocking on my door.
Jehovahs Witnesses - See above
Moonies - Yes, I would like to join one of your group sex sessions. No I don't want to hang around airports looking like a twat.
Tin Pot Dictators- Robert Mugabe to name one. You bastards are screwing over your own people to make a few bucks. Children starving to death while you tuck into steak, means you should die horribly, and I hope you do.
Muslim Radicals- A Caliphate from Spain to Iran? World domination with Muslims as the "Master Race" and extermination of the Jews. Haven't we been here before?
Nazis and Extreme Right Wingers- It doesn't work. Read some fucking history morons.
Communists and Extreme Left Wingers- See above


edit My hobbies and pastimes

Frog Bashing - French bastards see below
Masturbation - They say 98% of people will admit to wanking. The other 2% are liars. I'm not a liar.
Pornography - There's no arguing. Good porn is good porn. Pass the Kleenex

Of course, I would never actually hurt anyone, French or not. It's the French national identity I hate

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