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The Hottest selling toy since Tickle me Elmo.

Tickle Me Emo is the newest fad for the Christmas 2006 season. The trick is to watch how hard you're tickling that Emo. If you tickle him lightly, he starts singing Emo music. However, if you tickle him too hard, he starts to slash his wrists. This holiday toy is suitable for kids 13 years of age and up. The first 10,000 buyers will receive a special Internet coupon to receive 100 free downloads from most legal MP3 download sites (excluding I-Tunes, offer valid everywhere except in socialist countries and countries that have a monarchy, constitutional or absolute).

edit Story

According to the commercial that aired in December 2006, Tickle Me Emo is the tortured, angst-ridden teen cousin of Elmo, "and boy is he sad". Tickle Me Emo is available for purchase at Hot Topics everywhere.


Realistic wrist-slitting action!

edit Notable, pre-recorded Emo sayings

  • If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?
  • Nobody understands what I'm going through, especially YOU!!

edit Commercial

The Tickle me Emo commercial:

edit Composition and Other Products

Tickle Me Emo is made in Taiwan (naturally) and is made by little children who earn $0.02/hour. Since there are a lot of electrical and chemical components that makes "Tickle Me Emo" an emo, it cannot be submerged in water or be subjected to organic food. In 2008, Tickle Me Emo 2 will be released which will be the exact same thing, except it will come alive at night and consume the souls of people over the age of 35. Also coming in 2008 is Tickle Me Emo: The Computer Game. Guide your emo as he falls in love with a girl, gets married, and fathers little emo children of his own. Tickle Me Emo: The Computer Game is rated "T" for "Terminal."

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