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User:Frinko/menu The following is a collection of old articles that have since been changed. and/or articles/images that are especially funny.

CBS's other names

CBS stands for many things associated with the network, including:

  • Cocasian Broadcasting System
  • Cross Burning Station
  • Continually Blatent Stereotyping

Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group is a trio of mute aliens who apparently communicate through telepathy. They have some fooled into thinking that they are three performers in blue paint who have a fascination with drums, Polyvinyl Chloride piping, and twinkees. Actually, the fascination with drums, PVCs, and twinkees part is true, but the three performers in blue paint is NOT. There are over sixty Blue Men stationed here on Earth, only appearing in shows three at a time to avoid panic.


Some conspiracy theorists believe that former President George W. Bush may have had connections with the blue men.


It is believed that Mahatma Gandhi was, in fact, a Blue Man.

  • Their Evil Plot

The plan of the Blue Men is simple:

Turn everything in the world blue.

Yes, this seems stupid, but in their culture, turning a planet blue means that they have conquered it. Why do you think Neptune is blue? No, it's not because it's a gaseous planet or whatever. That's exactly what the government wants us to think, so there isn't an outbreak of mass panic. And, why is the sky blue? Not because of refracted sunlight. THEY did that! They're lastest project is the ocean. So far, they've only been able to blueinate the Carribean.

  • What We Can Do

Basically, when it comes down to the big picture, we can't do shit. However, there are some things that we, as individuals, can do to slow down their progress.

  • Don't patronize their shows. The more fans they get, the more powerful they become.
  • Kill old people. Senior citizens are actually Blue Men in disguise.
  • Once per week, smears yourselfs ups with butter and run around the neighborhood wearing nothing but thong and a coconut bra. This will confuse any Blue Men that are watching, and make them wonder if they really want to colonize such a weird planet.
  • Pollute the skies and water, so it will wear off the colour blue:
    • Burn your garbage. Throw what remains in the river.
    • Forget the toilet, crap in the river.
    • When you're in a swimming pool, pee in the water.
    • Rig oiltankers with explosions and cause a "natural disaster."

Chris Griffin


Chris Griffin isn't very popular with a lot of Family Guy fans.


Chris's father, Peter.

Chris Griffin ( 1990 - 2005 ) is one of the main characters of The O.C, the Royal family annex cartoon series. Horribly overweight and unpopular with girls, Chris' character seems to get increasingly more awkward as the show progresses, and more childlike. An example of this would be a recurring joke in which Chris sees an evil monkey in various places throughout the "bum guy's body". As he seems to be the heir to the throne, this is quite worrying because the health of his father, Peter Griffin, that is obligated to take 10 laxatives a day.

Not many Family Guy episodes center around Chris, but two of the notable ones would be "To Love and Die in Dixie," in which Chris befriends a girl he thinks is a boy, and "...And the Wiener Is" in which Chris' father, Peter Griffin, deals with discovering Chris has a bigger peepee than him, Chris is also uncircumcised.

Other Jobs

Chris has had many jobs throughout his life, each more challenging and bizarre than the last. Some of his notable jobs include: Smuggling kittens out of Canada, assistant/lacky to younger brother, Stewie and artist. He later forayed into politics where he aided in the search for Osama bin Laden and his evil boss Bert.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy comic strip

Comic1 Comic2 Comic3

Grim Tales from Down Below


Invader Zim Comic Strip

Zim1 Zim2 Zim3


Some Cool Wallpapers by Frinko

The Box Ghost

“He is the box ghost so beware!”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Box Ghost
“The box ghost? So what? He loves boxes? I think I'll leave this one to someone who is not scared of small enclosures.”
~ Bill Murray on The Box Ghost
“I love boxes because they're sooo cool to live in!”
~ The Box Ghost on Boxes
“I hate boxes and ghosts scare me.”
~ John Kerry on The Box Ghost
“Why must I be trapped in this box that traps ghosts?”
~ The Box Ghost on The cruel irony of being trapped in the Ghostbusters' ghost trap which just happens to be a box.


The Box Ghost Today

Before Death

The Box Ghost (1960-2000) was in life, a man by the name of John R. Paulson who worked in a box factory making boxes for everything from Christmas decorations to proton packs. John was very dedicated to his work and over the years, he developed a very unusual if not creepy obsession with boxes and at the same time he also developed a hatred of anything cylindrical. John died in late 2000 at age 40 in a bizzare box related accident while trying to diffuse a bomb that a sleeper agent had placed in one of the completed boxes. He was burried in a small cemetary that turned out to be haunted. Because of this, his spirit was never at peace and so rose from the grave as a ghost. Because of his love for boxes in life, he scoured the world, collecting boxes where ever he could find them and trying to scare people in a comical way. John also began to call hinself "The Box Ghost", a name that in 4 years (unknown to him) would be known throughout the US by both ghosts, ghost hybrids, and paraphsycologists alike.





After dying, the Box Ghost spent his entire afterlife collecting useless cardboard boxes, trying to scare people, and just be plain annoying to others. So far his 2 geatest rivals have been the Ghostbusters and Danny Phantom. The Box Ghost loves nothing more than stirring up trouble to cause chaos for the living. Some paraphsycologists speculate though, that the Box ghost just causes trouble because he wasn't very social in life and just wants some social interaction. Although he is not really evil, New York authorities have linked The Box Ghost to nearly every haunting in the city reguardless of the fact that most of the ghosts seen at the sight of these hauntings are 10 times scarrier and when The Box Ghost causes panic, all he does is appear, identify himself("I am The Box Ghost!"), attack people by throwing boxes containing underwear and stale chocolate bars, yell "Beware!", and disappear. On a side note, The Box Ghost has an ongoing obsession with The Box. He has also been accused of, but never charged with the deaths of most of the people who stepped foot in the Ammityville Horror-house. The Box Ghost's current residence is unknown, but there is some speculation that he is living in the New York city dump where boxes are plentiful. These speculations however, have been made by people who don't think outside the box as well as overzealous fans of the Ghostbusters and Danny Phantom doccumentaries who worship The Box Ghost. He is also known as "Boxus", the god of all boxes, crates, containers(but not the Ghostbusters' ghost trap), etc.

TV/Movie Career

For a short time, the Box Ghost pursued a movie career and was hired by many movie studios, some out of fear and others because they wanted an authentic-looking ghost for their movies. The Box Ghost appeared in many hit ghost/supernatural related movies. He was also a supporting Character in Butch Hartmen's doccumentary series about the Ghostbuster who was half-ghost himself, Danny Phantom. In Ghostbusters, he makes a very brief cameo in the montage scene where all the ghosts are released from the ghostbusters' headquarters as the ghost that laughs while coming out of a subway enterance (he had to lose some weight for the part). In Ghostbusters 2, in the courtroom scene where the ghostbusters are battling the ghosts of the Scoleri Brothers, the Box Ghost was the fat one (he had to put on a lot of makeup to look really scary though). He also starred in the Ghost Channel's 2001 hit TV show Ghost Prison which became very popular with the ghost/paraphsycologist demographic. In 2002, the Box Ghost left the movie business and moved on to other things- mainly making feeble attempts to scare the shit out of Columbia Pictures executives for rejecting Ghostbusters 3 and causing him to lose his chance at becoming more famouse than Casper.




The Box Ghost in his role as one of the Scoleri brothers that the Ghostbusters battle in Ghostbusters 2.


  • I am the Box Ghost!
  • Beware my all powerful boxes of doom!
  • Beware!!
  • Wa Ha! I am no longer the Box Ghost!
  • I am now the Slime with Mechanical Frogs Ghost!
  • Wait, I changed my mind, I am once again the Box Ghost, who will have nothing to do with mechanical amphibians!

Origional Slimer article


Slimer(the ghost), on rare occasions will actualy say BOO!

“Ghosts and Ice cream? Ectolicious!!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Slimer
“He slimed me!”
~ Bill Murray on Slimer
“mmmm.. Lemon Slime..”
~ Homer Simpson on Slimer
“He took my beautiful box of food!”
~ The Box Ghost on Slimer
“A Ghost! A real ghost!”
~ Dib Membrane on Slimer
“What? A Ghost? Ice cream?”
~ Invader Zim on Slimer

The Ice Cream Flavor


Lemon Slime is not pleasing to the eye nor does it have a pleasant taste. Because of that, few people enjoy it.

Also known as "lemon slime" this odd flavor of ice cream became popular when Bill Murray opened his ghost fighting business called Ghostbusters with his friends. The taste of Slimer (the ice cram flavor) is a blend of lemon lime, lime, kittens, ectoplasmic goo, vanilla, assorted animal droppings, ghost remains, robotic ghost pirates, The Box Ghost's famouse chocolate boxes, and grape. It is the favorite ice cream flavor of Bill Murray and The Ghost of Elvis.

The Ghost


As seen below, Slimer enjoys lurking around in offices at night. DANGER: Do not let ghosts in your office!


Slimer lurks around Dr. Murray's office looking for a snack


Slimer is satisfied after eating 20 hotdogs

Slimer or Leonard Von Slimerman as he was called in life is the name of the famouse green ghost who live in the Ghostbusters' main office building. He is short, chubby, and is obsessed with stealing other people's food which is why food tends to mysteriously disappear at Gostbusters HQ. It is believed that in life, Leonard Von Slimerman was not only obsessed with food, but also with green makeup(which would explain why his ghostly form is green). He apparently died of a heart attack at age 60 during an eating contest he won for eating 150 double cheeseburgers.

See Also

Nightmare Before Christmas


Bizarro Bender loved this movie!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie director and producer Tim Burton decided to create one day while sitting in the Disney animation studios drawing cute little foxes for the movie "The Fox And The Sexy Big Daddio Funk Dawg", in which an innocent little fox stumbles upon a gangster puppy who is "off the hook, yo!" and learns to become "fresh 'n tight with the homies". Burton decided he was sick of drawing cute little foxes, even if they were "fresh", and started to sketch out crappy little pictures for a new movie idea: The Nightmare Before Christmas...a tale of a skeleton on happy pills that HATES to scare people.

The Plot

In this movie, Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, a skeleton who's running low on happy pills decides he's fed up with showbiz. And seriously, lighting yourself on fire can reeeeeally be bad for your health. He goes off to a graveyard (WTF do they bury people when everyone's dead? Don't ask me.) and angsts. We are then introduced to the song "Jack's Lament", which Jack sings while dancing and taking off his head, talking about how he needs more happy pills, and how he wishes he didn't have to scare people cuz it's not nice.

We are then introduced to Sally, Mrs. Frankenstein's Spawn From Hell, who stalks Jack obsessively and has a shrine of him. Made out of bubblegum. Entirely. Made. Out. Of. Bubblegum. She can relate to him, because she needs more happy pills too, and soon we find out that she has a grumpy father! Doctor Finklestein is constantly trying to keep his daughter locked up and is quite frankly "so DAMN tired of your ESCAPADES SALLY!".

Jack takes a walk through the woods with his ghost dog, Zero, who kicks Rudolph's ass, and, due to the magical POWERS Jack has that enable him to walk in his sleep without hurting himself, he comes to a series of trees with holiday symbols on them...turns out they're doors. Well, Jack decides he doesn't want to go meet miserly munchkin green men, consume turkey, frolick around with a magic pink rabbit or get sugar-high off chocolate and make out with ladies, so he ends up going to Christmastown instead.

He then begins to dance about in the snow, discovering the joys of being GENUINELY happy, and decides that people in Halloweenland are very deprived of natural happiness. He hears about Sandy Claws and is delighted with the figure, and he makes up his mind. He MUST go back to Halloweenland and tell people what a glorious place Christmastown is! He calls a town meeting and shows the people JUST how much Christmastown pwns!

He gets people SO hyped up for Christmas that they declare, "Screw Sandy! We're gonna take over Christmas THIS year!" and Jack starts researching Christmas and becoming obsessive. He hires three demon children, Lock, Shock and Barrel to go kidnap Sandy Claws so he can mug him, and the kids do...but not after kidnapping the Easter Bunny instead. (Later on, Tim was filed with abuse charges, because Mr. Easter Bunny claims the children forced him out of his home with a rifle on them.) When Jack sees Santa he discovers that NO! Santa is not a lobster man! He is in fact a boy! A real boy!...Ahem. So, Jack says oh well, nabs Sandy's hat.

Despite Jack's orders to leave "Oogie Boogie out of this", the children, who apparently have an astounding knack for music cuz they sing on the way out, take Santa to the boogeyman, Oogie Boogie's, lair. We find out Oogie Boogie eats insects, has a gambling addiction and is sewn together. And he sings good too.

Now, we go back to Sally! Sally's very angsty over this whole ordeal, cuz it doesn't seem right, and she sings an awesome song cuz damnit everyone in Halloweenland is so musically talented! She has a vision, because she's insane, and she's horrified and blah blah blah.

Pretty soon it's Christmas Eve, and Jack takes off in his sleigh, and people in the Real World freak out and Sandy Claws gets rescued and OMG it's so wonderful. And Sally, she hooks up with her idol. Pretty soon after the film they broke up, though, because Jack saw Sally's ABC-gum shrine and got freaked out.

Tunel's Grand Theft Mario Images

Great Job!

Bert is Evil Images

Original Dr. Nefarious article


Have You Seen this evil villian?

“Destroy the squishies!”
~ Dr. Nefarious on Organic Life Forms
“H-E T-U-R-N-E-D M-E I-N-T-O A R-O-B-O-T-!”
~ A Tyhrranoid on Dr. Nefarious
“How about a wedgie for old times sake!”
~ Captain Quark on Dr. Nefarious
“Dirty laundry and whatnot”
~ Lawrence on Dr. Nefarious
3136031 20alc05d54



Dr. Nefarious and his butler Lawrence appear on the hit TV show "Supervillain Weekly"

Dr. Nefarious is an evil robotic supervillian who attempted but failed to enslave the entire Solana Galaxy by turning it's citizens into robots with a death star like device which he called a "Biobliterator". His attempt at galactic dommination failed though when a lombax by the name of Ratchet from the planet Veldin and a robot/backpack named Clank from parts unknown thwarted his evil plan and caused Dr. Nefarious to throw a tantrum. A few years after his defeat, Dr. Nefarious was sued for using a copywritten evil plan which was at first used by Barney the homosexual purple dinosaur who was paid by Michael Jackson to "turn kids into robots" and lure them to the Neverland Ranch. Nefarious's Lawyer/butler Lawrence denied this though and was quoted as saying "My client mearly has the brain of a 5 year old boy". Dr. Nefarious then began to yell but his mechanical brain overloaded and he began to broadcast an episode of the hit soap opera of the year 3000: All my Circuts. Bender the robot from the hit reality show Futurama who was at Dr. Nefarious's trial said that he liked the way Nefarious reffered to organic life forms as "Squishies". After Dr. Nefarious threatened to "anhiliate everyone in the galactic senate if Barney the purple dinosaur did not drop the lawsuit, Barney had know choice but to drop the lawsuit, but in an ironic twist, Nefarious killed that purple freak anyway.

Personal History

Dr. Nefarious's rather insane dispostion began (before he became a robot) back in Mr. Wazal's 9th grade biology class. Here, the the rather dim witted superhero Captain Quark tormented him by posing as a school bully (Quark was 26 at the time). A long time after this, Captain Quark confronted the maniacal villian at his secret lair on planet Magmos. When Quark tried to give Nefarious a wedgie "for old time's sake" , he knocked Nefarious into a machine of sorts and that machine somehow turned Dr. Nefarious into the twisted robot he is now.

Media Connections


Dr. Nefarious makes an appearance on CNN to recruit robots to his cause.


Dr. Nefarious appears on the O'Reilly Factor to Gain Bill O'Reilly's support in destroying the squishies.

Being a Republican, Dr. Nefarious had many connections in the media(both liberal and otherwise). These connections worked to his advantage because it allowed Dr. Nefarious to use the media to convince robots all over the galaxy to join him in killing all the squishies(organic life forms). Nefarious made many appearences on various radio and talk shows to talk about his evil plans and coax robots to join his cause. He talked about "destroying the squishies" and gave several valid(to him) reasons why organic life forms must be destroyed. The 3 shows that Dr. Nefarious appeared most frequently on however were Supervillian Weekly, CNN, and The O'Reilly Factor because Bill O'Reilly was also an evil villian who opted for world(if not galactic) dommination. In his most recent TV appearence, Dr. Nefarious appeared on CNN to give more valid reasons to kill all organic life forms.

Deadly war strategist


Dr. Nefarious's robotic soldiers getting ready to eliminate the squishies.


Dr. Nefarious's deadly robotic soldiers eliminate any non-robotic resistance.

Dr. Nefarious isn't just a tyranical nut bent on galactic dommination that nobody (except maybe his butler) would take seriously. He is also a brilliant war strategist who has at his disposal a massive robot army that he uses to crush his enemies and the squishies (any type of organic life form). He purchased this army from a relative of the now deceased former viceroy of the Trade Federation Nute Gunray.

Dr. Nefarious's speech to the robotic citizens of the Solana galaxy


"Robotic Citizens of the Solana Galaxy, the hour of your liberation is at hand! For to long have we robots suffered under the bigotry, the stupidity, the squishiness and foul stench of organic life forms! Soon! All robots will bask- in the liberty, and equality, of my benevolent, iron-fisted rule! As for you filthy organic life forms, you can look forward to being disintegrated! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thats all for now..."


The Doctor's self portrait


  • Laaawrence!!
  • Quaaaa- (Brain overloads out of anger and broadcasts a TV drama until being slapped by butler)-aark!
  • Lies! Squishy Lies!
  • Lawrence, engage the teleporter.
  • Oh the humiliation! Defeated by sqishies, arragh!
  • Whaaat?
  • This Q-Force must be stopped!
  • Destroy them! Eradicate them! Anihilate them all! Wa,ha,ha,ha,ha!
  • It is I, Dr. Nefarious!
  • That Moron could never hope to match wits with the likes of me!
  • Never!
  • I am the greatest genius this galaxy has ever known!
  • You're no match for the likes of me!

Irken Alliance

“Your galaxy is ours!”
~ Zim and Dr. Nefarious on Galactic Dommination

Zim and Dr. Nefarious plot their reign of terror


The Irken Empire's new robotic soldiers- courtesy of Dr. Nefarious.

It has been recently learned that Dr. Nefarious has joined forces with the ruler of earth, Zim. They have joined forces because both of them want to conquer the galaxy and each has resources that the other needs.

A propoganda poster of their master plan

Together, they plan to enslave planet after planet by first turning the planet's inhabitants into robots with Dr. Nefarious's Biobliterator weapon and then put the robots to work, establishing new bases for Zim until he and Dr. Nefarious have conquered the galaxy. Rumor has it though, that the two have already started to secretly enslave the humans. Also, the Irken armada is thought to be hovering over earth, thus explaining the strange cloud formations. Once earth has been completely enslaved by the Irkens, it will still be ruled by Zim, only he will be using Dr. Nefarious's robotic soldiers and high-tech weapons to subdue all of mankind and crush any resistance movements. Dr. Nefarious has not only joined up with Zim however, but he has infact joined up with the Irken Empire and has supplied the irkens with many valuable resources.

Darth Template


List of famous Sith Lords
(Mostly people using the title Darth)

Emperor Palpatine D'arthangnan Darth Anonymous Darth Cheney Darth Cow
Darth Dickens Darth Dietmar Darth Feta Darth Hitler Darth Hogan
Darth Maul Darth Nocuous Darth Sidious Darth Tater Darth Vader

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This is the enemy!

Rowan atkinson


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