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“Dear Dr. Z- oh wait, you're not that old guy who advertises for Chrysler!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Dr. Zeeltor
“That stupid noodle-necked sqishy! I threaten to anhiliate his planet and he still won't supply me with powerful weapons!”
~ Dr. Nefarious on Dr. Zeeltor
Founder of Gadgetron weapons company
Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor
Current Job Lab Technicion and alien terrorist moniter for the organization known as "The Men in Black"
Species Zekklomian
Home Planet Zekklom 7
Age 30 (In Zekklomian years)

Hey, don't wory guys, I tested those chemicals and they seem to only be deadly to blargians. - Zeeltor

Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor of the planet Zekklom 7, known to his fellow zekklomians by the nickname "Zeeltor", is the founder and retired CEO of the weapons company known as Gadgetron, a company in the Solana galaxy whose most notable customers are galactic saviors Ratchet and Clank. Despite the fact that Ratchet and Clank saved the Solana galaxy from the likes of Chairman Drek and Dr. Nefarious, and everyone seems to acknowledge that, few gave any credit to Dr. Zeeltor for supplying Ratchet and Clank with the powerful arsenal of weapons that they used to defeat such scum of the universe. After Ratchet and Clank saved the galaxy from the clutches of Dr. Nefarious, Zeeltor stepped down as CEO of Gadgetron to seek other work as he was somewhat let down by not being credited for helping take down such galactic scum.

edit Personality

Dr. Zeeltor is known to be quite optomistic and outgoing. This however has caused Zeeltor to have many enemies, all of whom are evil supervillains opting for galactic dommination who have been driven to insanity at Dr. Zeeltor's inablility to be threatened. With his colleagues however, things are different. Some members of MIB think Zeeltor is great while others find him to be annoying. This is why MIB decided to release Jar Jar "Darth Meesa" Binks.


Portrait of Gadgetron's founder that hangs in the office of Gadgetron's current CEO whose name is of now, unknown.

edit The MIB years

In 2001 (earth time), Dr. Zeeltor after working at galaxy burger as a chef for 5 years, decided to seek work on the planet earth, as he had heard about an organization on earth that helped aliens adjust to life there so as not to scare the humans. Zeeltor then decided to apply for a job at the organization (known as "Men in Black or more simply "MIB").The head honcho at MIB headquarters, known as Zed gave Zeeltor a job as head lab technicion and alien terror moniter. To this day, Dr. Zeeltor works at MIB headquarters.

edit Inventions


Dr. Zeeltor enjoys some quality time with his Virtual Kitten Huffer 3000.

Dr. Zeeltor has invented many gizmos, gadgets, weapons and whatnot for both MIB and other outside use. Most of Zeeltor's inventions have been for the use of MIB for either combat against hostile galactic crimminal or studying alien life forms. Dr. Zeeltor's most notable invention however, is his prototype Virtual Kitten Huffer 3000. Zeeltor built 2 virtual kitten huffers in all and is considered to be the pioneer of virtual kitten huffing by the "ravers" community. According to some outside sources, Dr. Zeeltor sold at least one of his virtual kitten huffers to Jhonen Vasquez who had not been seen since he was captured by Invader Zim.

Dr. Zeeltor's other inventions

Dr. Zeeltor, seen here with the dreaded Gadgetron "Blast-O-Matic".

  • Morph-O-Ray -Turns enemies into sheep
  • Anti Teletubbie helmet - Protects you from the hypnotizing sound waves emitted by Teletubbies.
  • Proton Cannon - Deadly firearm
  • Cricket gun 7.0 - Updated version of Agent Jay's cricket gun
  • Gadgetron Blast-O-Matic - Name speaks for itself
  • Virtual Kitten Huffer 3000 - See description
  • The RYNO II
To many to list!

edit ET Impression


Dr. Zeeltor doing his famous "ET" impression.

Dr. Zeeltor isn't just known for his brilliance, but also for his surisingly funny "Late Night" comedy routines. Ionically, most MIB members will stop watching Conan O'Brien and instead watch Dr. Zeeltor's comedy routine about the day's tasks, illegal "aliens", intergalactic boarder patrol, ect. Dr. Zeeltor's most popular comedy routine however, is his satire of alien senator ET. Zeeltor's impression of the seemingly midgit-sized senator is quite funny and some MIB agents have been known to laugh their balls off at Zeeltor's impression, right down to the 'phone home" gag. Zeeltor's impression is also quite accurate, right down to making his chest glow like ET himself. However, Dr. Zeeltor's routine has stirred up some controversy with MIB agents who support ET and some of his "out of this world" ideas. This controversy though, has helped Zeeltor build on his satire of ET as most of ET's supporters seem to be scientologists.

edit Monitering Intergalactic Terrorism


Dr. Zeeltor keeps a sharp eye on those pesky irkens as they orbit earth.

Another one of Dr. Zeeltor's jobs involves monitering various alien activity hroughout the universe to make sure that no illegal or deadly activities are taking place. Lately though according to Zeeltor's boss Zed, the Irken armada has been circling earth as though they are going to wage a full scale attack. Dr. Zeelor's job has been to keep an eye on the irken armada until they leave the sector. Zeelor also had orders from Zed to try and make contact with the irken leaders, who reside in the armada's flagship The Massive. Dr. Zeeltor however, has been unable to make contact with the irkens. Dr. Zeeltor even attempted to spy on the irkens via "wire taping" to see what they are up to, but this lead only to failure and MIB is still unsure wether or not the irkens will attack earth. Recently though there were some new developments as Dr. Zeeltor was able to make contact with irken Invader Skoodge who was attempting to conquer the planet Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people. The excitement over the new development was short lived however because Invader Skoodge told Dr. Zeeltor that he knew nothing of the Irken Empire's current agenda.

edit In Other Media

Dr. Zeeltor is also a secondary character in Jhonen Vasquez's animated follow-up to Invader Zim, Grizdar. In the show, Dr. Zeeltor's role is the "wacky", eccentric" roommate, as well as the "brain".

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