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Chaos is a crimminal organization opting for world dommination, ruled by supervillain and arch-enemy of Butters, Professor Chaos. The organization's main base of operation is located in an unknown location in South Park, Colorado. Because their operations are done in secret, the CIA has had a difficult time apprehending key members of Chaos. The key members of Chaos are it's leader Professor Chaos and his 4 generals. While Professor Chaos stays in South Park, his 4 generals each rule over their own respective Colorado city. Not much is really known about the organization except that they plan to begin their reign of terror in Colorado, starting with South Park, and then spread their terror accross the rest of the world.

edit Key Members

edit Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos
Classification Humanoid
Position Leader of the organization known as "Chaos"
Weapon Various
Loyalty none
In it for Total world dommination

Professor Chaos is the leader and founder of the crimminal organization "Chaos", which bears his name. He is also the arch-enemy of Butters Stotch who has fought the professor on many occasions and been successful each time.

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