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“What else is new?”
~ Einstein on Blue Holes

Blue Holes are more dangerous than black ones!

Blue Holes are a type of dimentional crossrip that exist only in Bizarro World and are often considered to be more dangerous then their real-world counterpart Black Hole.



A blue hole about to be created

The first blue hole was created by Bizarro Jesus after he had a fued with Bizarro Zim over who could create s more deadly device for world conquest. Well Bizarro Zim built a large Bizarro killbot, Bizarro Jesus decided to use his "Jesus powers" to create aspace rip. or at least that is how the story goes. In reality, Bizarro jesus employed small blue ghosts who created the blue holes by fire dark energy balls all around the Bizarro dimention.

Blue Auras


A Blue Aura

The firing of dark energy to create blue holes creates a wall of light known as a Blue arura. Although Bizarro Jesus originally these phenominon to be harmless, he soon found out the hard way that the light energy surrounding a blue Aura could slice off a limb or worse - cause mass destruction.

Creation from Black Holes


A black hole, right before transformation

Bizarro Jesus also created blue holes himself, without the aid of the blue ghosts. All he had to do was manipulate the space around the black hole and it would turn blue in an instant. However, there were sometimes complications to this method as Bizarro Jesus would soon find out.

The Green Hole Commeth


Bizarro Jesus's sloppy method for making blue holes himself without the aid of the blue ghosts soon turned out to be a failure as his homegrown holes were unstable. This instability caused the holes to become shaky, and turn an odd shade of green.

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