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                        Dib Membrane
“I must destroy that filthy Dib-human!”
~ Invader Zim on Dib Membrane

Dib's self-portrait

Dibsanthius "Dib" Membrane (also known as "The Hero named I") is known to many as "The Hero of Earth" for helping defeat stop the evil plans of the former ruler of earth, Invader Zim and his acomplice, Dr. Nefarious, and banishing the 2 villians into the darkest regions of space where they now reside in Dr. Nefarious's spaceship, plotting revenge. Dib's act of heroism however, unknown to him, did more bad than good, since during the overthrowing of the 2 villians, Zim was gravely injured. When Invader Zim and Dr. Nefarious escaped, Dr. Nefarious equipped Zim, who was near death, with cybernetic technology, which turned him into Cyborg Zim. The people of earth knew nothing about this development however, and still consider Dib to be a hero.

The Pre-Heroic Days


'Zim is an alien!

Main Page holidays

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There is now a tradition of celebrating various anniversaries (some fictional) with a Google-like reskinning of Uncyclopedia's Main Page. Examples have included:

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